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An analysis of how DuPont chemists undertake different tasks.

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An analysis of how DuPont chemists undertake different tasks. The process of creating lycra at the Maydown plant is a heavy user of fresh water which comes from the Lough Foyle, the water becomes chemically contaminated, the water then gets treated so that it is in compliance with the volume of chemicals allowed to be dumped into the Lough Foyle. DuPont are constantly working on ways of lowering the volume of fresh water in and contaminated water out. For this chemists who have knowledge of chemistry must work with the chemical engineers who has intimate knowledge regarding fluid flow rates, valves, reaction rates and chemical engineering compliance. So there must be a solution that is possible for both of them. This is an example of the teamwork that goes on at DuPont, teamwork that has in fact reduced the volume of wastewater contaminated. Description of specific types of scientific knowledge and skills levered in DuPont. Industrial chemist In addition to selecting the laboratory equipment it is also his job to commission the laboratory equipment. Meaning it is his job to carry out tests to ensure that the product is functioning at the level, which is claimed by the manufacturer. ...read more.


This system is used for ordering chemicals just in time so the plant neither runs out of chemicals nor begins to stockpile them both being unwise. Stockpiling chemicals is dangerous, if they are not stored properly they may leak which is dangerous. If the plant runs out of chemicals it could cause the plant to stop production. Pollution control The chemist is also involved in testing the nearby water, checking that the plant is abiding by the law, meaning that they are not dumping a greater volume of wastewater or that the water has not got a higher concentration of chemicals. All employees have to comply with the health and safety at work act. An Act to make further provision for securing the health, safety and welfare of persons at work. DuPont' s Maydown plant includes and introduction to health and safety as part of a welcome to all visitors and contractors to the site. They also have an established communication programme which an interface between the workers and their environment. They also have production teams, which minimize all the risks between machines and people. ...read more.


* With the air and water quality legislations. * And also Import of dangerous cargos. (Conservation of the local environment) DuPont has there own docks, even so they must be in compliance with regulations which are set out to ensure the safety of marine life in the Lough Foyle by minimising the risk of a ship loaded with cargo running aground or colliding with another vessel while in the Lough. Dupont's main cargo is caustic soda, which is classified as a dangerous cargo; therefore they must employee a harbour board pilot who is trained and familiar with the Lough to manoeuvre the vessel up the Lough and to safely dock at DuPont. These are benefits and adverse effects of Altnagelvin city hospital and DuPont. Altnagelvin hospital Benefits. * Altnagelvin have over 2000 staff working for them this is a great economical boost for the city. * People from the city and further away can rely on the hospital for health care. Adverse effects * Altnagelvin hospital like all hospitals dump a lot of refuge which is a factor contributing to pollution of the planet. * Altnagelvin has a steady flow of traffic to and fro everyday this may be an annoyance to citizens who live in nearby neighbourhoods this traffic could also be a factor in accidents. ...read more.

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