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An Investigation into theReaction Between Powdered Zinc Metal and Copper Sulphate Solution

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An Investigation into the Reaction Between Powdered Zinc Metal and Copper Sulphate Solution Planning We are going to investigate what happens in a reaction between a metal and a metal compound. In this case it is the reaction between zinc metal and copper sulphate solution. This is the word formula for the reaction we are going to be doing:- Zinc Metal + Copper Sulphate Solution Copper Metal + Zinc Sulphate ...read more.


This is because when the amount of zinc is the less or the same as the amount of copper sulphate solution then this means the zinc particles have a lot of the copper sulphate particles to react to in the reaction and when the particles collide with each other they give out heat energy which we can calculate with this formula:- Heat energy = Mass of Water x Specific Heat Capacity x Temperature Rise (J) ...read more.


the zinc particles to collide with so the temperature should stay where it was when the copper sulphate and zinc reach their optimum temperature. Also I know that when a reaction gives out heat, it is exothermic. Therefore this reaction will be exothermic. In detail, it is exothermic because the atoms rearrange themselves to form new molecules and new bonds are made which gives out heat energy i.e. it is exothermic. ...read more.

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