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An investigation to find out how the amount of carbon dioxide affects photosynthesis in pondweed

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An investigation to find out how the amount of carbon dioxide affects photosynthesis in pondweed Strand P - Planning your investigation Photosynthesis is a food-making process that occurs in green plants. It is the main function of leaves. Green plants use energy from light to combine carbon dioxide and water to make food (glucose). Prediction: I predict that the more carbon dioxide there is in the water the faster the photosynthesis will take place. I predict this because for a plant to possibly photosynthesise it needs both light and carbon dioxide. The photosynthesis formulae is carbon dioxide + sunlight = glucose. The plant food product of photosynthesis is glucose. Apparatus: Pond weed, Pond water Sodium Bicarbonate, Test tube, Stopwatch, Spatula. Variable change: In my experiment I will change the amount of sodium bicarbonate that I put into the water. ...read more.


I will use no sodium bicarbonate for the first trial and go up by 1 teaspoonful of sodium bicarbonate each time until I reach 8. The sodium bicarbonate will add carbon dioxide to the water. Each trial will last 5 minutes. See prediction for more detailed science. Strand O - Obtaining evidence I collected my apparatus and carried out my investigation safely, I took my readings. No. teaspoons of SB Trial run 1st test 2nd test 0 2 2 1 1 5 6 0 2 9 8 4 3 17 9 17 4 18 21 38 5 19 24 49 6 23 22 55 7 30 25 61 8 39 31 73 SB = Sodium Bicarbonate Strand A - Analysing the evidence Trial run: My trial run ran perfectly well, it came out just as I expected it to. ...read more.


I think it might be because I carried out the two tests on different days with different pond weed. I think it is more the pond weed that had more of an affect on the test rather than room temp etc. Both my experiments were similar because they both photosynthesised better when I added more carbon dioxide to the water and they were different to each other because they photosynthesised at very different speed. Strand E - Evaluation There was no really surprising data which I collected apart from 1 reading which showed that the plant had decreased in photosynthesising. I could have been more careful with counting the amount of oxygen bubbles. The apparatus I used were just right for my experiment, I had no problems with them. If I was to do this experiment again I would use the same pond weed and take all of my readings in one day to make it a completely fair test. I had no major problems with the investigation. ...read more.

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