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An Investigation to show how Different Exercises Affect the Pulse Rate

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Contents: Aim: 3 Prediction: 3 Apparatus: 4 Fair Test: 4 Method: 4 Result: 4 Conclusion: 5 Evaluation: 5 An Investigation to show how Different Exercises Affect the Pulse Rate Aim: The aim of this experiment is to find my pulse rate after I run up and down stairs for one and then for two minutes I also want to find out what happens to my pulse rate when I run up and down stairs for two minutes with a bag with two and then four books. Prediction: I predict that during exercise, my pulse rate will increase because blood is being pumped faster around my body. The energy is taken out of oxygen and sugar needed for my muscles to respire aerobically. ...read more.


This causes cramp. We must get rid of the lactic acid because it poisons our muscles. We carry on breathing faster and deeper after vigorous exercise. The extra oxygen breaks down the lactic acid. This extra oxygen is called oxygen dept; our oxygen dept builds up after we exercise hard. It must be gotten rid of straight away. Anaerobic respiration is another kind of breathing. An example of an anaerobic respirator is a sprinter. When running, a sprinter holds his/her breath to stop them from slowing down. After the race the sprinter needs 7 litres of oxygen to get rid of the lactic acid inside them. I also predict that non-smokers will be fitter than smokers because they do not any tar in their lungs making harder for them to breath. ...read more.


It also increased a lot more when I run for 2 minutes. This means that my prediction was correct and that blood and oxygen were being pumped faster around my body. Evaluation: I believe that my experiment was successful. I got the result that I was looking for. However, what I would most like to change is the fact that when doing the experiment, I did not make sure that my pulse rate was at its original rate. I just waited until I felt fit enough to continue. I believe that if I had checked the pulse rate to be sure that it was at its original rate the experiment would have been a fair test. An Investigation to show how Different Exercises Affect the Pulse Rate ...read more.

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