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An Investigation to show how the length of a wire affects its resistance

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Rebecca Johnson 10TD An Investigation to show how the length of a wire affects its resistance Prediction I predict that increasing the length of the wire will in increase the resistance of the wire, because in a longer piece of wire more energy is needed to force electrons through it, whereas in the shorter wire less energy is needed. I found out this from a previous experiment and a 'Coordinated Science, Physics' book, whereby it said that the higher the resistance, the less current flows for each volt across a wire. Diagram Lab pack Ammeter Metre Ruler Voltmeter Equipment List Ammeter Voltmeter Lab pack Wire Ruler Crocodile clips Method The equipment will be set up as shown in the diagram. I will cut a piece of wire 1 metre long and attach it to the metre ruler using Blu-tack. ...read more.


6 40cm 0.27 2.14 7.92 8 0.27 2.18 8.07 0.27 2.20 8.14 0.28 2.16 7.71 0.27 2.17 8.03 50cm 0.27 2.68 9.92 10 0.27 2.71 10.03 0.27 2.73 10.11 0.27 2.70 10 0.27 2.70 10 I think that my plan and the equipment used will be a good way of carrying out this task and obtaining a good set of results, because I will be using a digital ammeter and voltmeter, a metre ruler so that my measurements will be fair each time. The ammeter will be connected in series to determine the current flowing through the wire and the voltmeter will be connected in parallel so that it only takes the voltage reading across the wire. I will make sure that the thickness of the wire will be the same each time. ...read more.


There were some experimental errors but the points still fit exactly on a straight line. There were no anomalous results. The current occasionally varied by 0.1A. This is could be because the wire was kinked in places causing the digital ammeter to flicker when measuring. The results are quite reliable to some extent, whereby I proved that my prediction was correct. However the results maybe unreliable whereby wire might not have been measured accurately, therefore there would have been some inaccurate readings. If I were to repeat the experiment, to reduce the experimental error I will stretch the wire out completely so there are no kinks and sellotape it at 10cm intervals along the wire so that it is kept straight. To extend the enquiry I would investigate with different thickness of wire, whereby I would do the same experiment and investigate if the thickness of a wire affects its resistance. ...read more.

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