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An investigation to show the effect of temperature on respiration

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An investigation to show the effect of temperature on respiration Plan The rate of maggots' respiration will be tested at different temperatures. Respiration is a chemical reaction that combines glucose and oxygen to release energy, water and Co . Respiration is important because without it no living organism would be able to survive. This investigation should prove a success if I find out how temperature affects the rate of respiration. A respirometer is a useful piece of equipment that will be used to measure the rate of respiration in the maggots. ...read more.


How far the dye is drawn up will depend upon the rate of the maggots respiration. The distance the dye has moved will be measured using a ruler and recorded. I am hoping to see the dye move along the tube so I can use this as evidence. My Year 10 notes tell me that as the temperature increases enzyme activity should also increase. At around 40?C enzymes become denatured so the respiration reaction would cease. I believe that as the temperature rises by 10?C the rate doubles. ...read more.


The distance the Eosin dye has moved up the tube in a certain time will be measured. I have selected these temperatures: 0?C, 10?C, 20?C, 30?C, 40?C and 50?C. These temperatures have been selected so that a precise graph can be drawn with an expansive range of results. Each temperature will be repeated twice to eliminate anomalous results. Qualitively I predict that as the temperature increases the rate of reaction will increase due to enzyme activity escalating. Quantitively I predict that with a 10?C rise in temperature the rate will double. The results can be used as evidence in the form of a graph. With a good range of temperatures the results will be accurate. James Noton 10G ...read more.

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