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Anorexia Nervosa is a life threatening mental illness, which is getting more common every year. People who have anorexia are obsessed with food and being thin.

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Anorexia Nervosa is a life threatening mental illness, which is getting more common every year. People who have anorexia are obsessed with food and being thin. Their worst fear is gaining weight, as they believe that they will become fat. They do not want to eat, as they are afraid of gaining weight. They are constantly thinking about food, weight and calories. Anorexics have a lot of knowledge about calories and know how many calories most foods contain. They can associate food into "safe foods" and "bad foods". Safe foods being foods that they feel most comfortable eating and bad foods being the food that they are scared of eating and think that eating them will automatically make them put on weight. These foods are often high fat foods like cheese, chocolate, butter and milk or carbohydrates like bread, rice or potatoes. Some anorexics write a daily food dairy so they can count how many calories they have eaten in a day, so they know how much they need to punish themselves by doing straining exercise. People who suffer from anorexia nervosa often over exercise, as they would do anything to lose weight no matter how hard it is or how much it hurts. It is common for anorexics to hide food, they can be very sneaky. They often throw their food away, pretending that they have ate it or say excuses like "I have already eaten" or "I don't feel well". ...read more.


It is unusual for someone with anorexia to seek professional help because the person may not believe that they have a problem. They will not see themselves as skinny therefore they will not think that they have an eating disorder. They also will not want to admit that they have a problem because they know that it will result in them putting on weight, as you cannot recover from anorexia without reaching a healthy weight. Because of this it is often up to family and friends to inform a doctor about the persons weight loss. The doctor will then ask them some personal questions, like whether they think they are fat or whether they are trying to lose weight. They will also calculate their BMI (body mass index) to find out if the person is underweight and if they have any concerns they will be admitted to CAHMS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) or even admitted to hospital if they are extremely underweight or at risk. 4) Anorexia may be treated in an outpatient setting or hospitalisation may be necessary. Anorexia can be treated by individual sessions (psychology), group sessions, family therapy, art therapy, OT sessions, dietician sessions and nutrition sessions. Psychology is considered most important because the psychologist will understand what the person is going through, what helps them, what doesn't help and what level of support the anorexic needs. ...read more.


As the individual puts weight on and moves up the bands they will get more rewards like a longer walk or more home leave. These treatments are all a part of helping the anorexic recover from anorexia, although I don't know if anyone can completely recover from anorexia as it will always be a part of their life and always in the back of their mind which is why part of the treatment is relapse prevention work when the individual reaches a healthier weight which purpose is to prevent them from becoming ill again. 5) Anorexia Nervosa has some long term effects, these include: * Anaemia and other blood problems * Osteoporosis (Brittle bones) * Kidney stones/Kidney failure * Low potassium, magnesium or sodium * Periods stopping (this can mean that the woman is unable to get pregnant or has a higher risk of a miscarriage * Growth problems Another long term effect of anorexia is the fact that in most cases sufferers always carry the anorexic thoughts with them, sure they have good times when anorexia is completely forgotten but it is rare that someone fully recovers and never thinks about weight or calories anymore. These are just long term affects there are also more short-term effects. 6) Some people think that only women can get Anorexia Nervosa. This is not the case. It is more common in females but males can also get anorexia as well. Anyone can get anorexia-young or old, male or female. You may not think it will happen to you but it is possible. ...read more.

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