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Are mobile phones a danger to our health, and should we continue to use them?

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Since prices of mobile phones reduced, it resulted in a vast rise in the number of people owning them. There is a huge debate about the dangers of mobile phones. Millions of pounds are being invested in to finding out if mobile phones are safe. Do you know the facts about mobile phones?

How do mobile phones work?

Mobile phones are low-powered two way radios which convert voice and data signals into radio wave. Phone masts enable these signals to be sent to and from mobile phones.

Radio waves are also known as electromagnetic waves, which are emitted by many natural and man-made sources. We are warmed by electromagnetic waves frm the sun, and our eyes detect electromagnetic as a visible light. The radio waves used by mobie phones are similar to those from TV broadcasting and radios by taxi companes and the emergency services.

Why do we use them?

Mobile phones are low-powered two way radios which convert voice and data signals into radiothey are being used professionally in business or for socialising.

Mobile phones are very often used in the emergency services for doctor’s policemen and firemen. Most doctors and nurses who are on call rely heavily on mobile phones. Here mobile phones are a good thing and make saving peoples life easier.

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Mobile phones can also give young children/ teens more confidence in going out at night, knowing that they can always contact their friends or family if anything bad happens.

Age of users decrease

Although there are some advantages of using a mobile phone, there are many disadvantages. Now it seems that the age of mobile phone users are continuously decreasing, and children as young as five own a mobile phone.


One company that has picked up on the concerns of parents is Disney Mobile. Disney Mobile was set up in the US (June 2007) and provides families with mobile phones specifically designed for "tweens, young teens and parents who want to keep an eye on them", according to the Disney Mobile Web site. Unlike standard mobile phones, these handsets feature software that allows parents to limit texts, calls and downloads, restrict phone usage and even locate their children via GPS.image04.jpg

Their latest phone is the Disney D100, which features a Mickey Mouse-style keypad and a picture of Winnie the Pooh on the casing -- Disney Mobile seems to be marketing itself as a family solution, aimed at concerned parents, and not directly at children. Making the phones look like toys

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Nematode Worms

Research shows that nematode worms exposed to mobile phone radiation produce more eggs, release stress hormones and grow larger. But what is the effect of mobile phone radiation on people?


This suggests that the research and claim have supporting evidence and they come from reliable sources

Potential new risks from mobile phones

Below is a diagram to visually show the potential new risks from mobile phones, and how they affect the human body


Health warning leaflets?

One of the ways that the Government have attempted to discourage people from smoking is to ban all cigarette advertising. This strategy could be applied to mobile phones in a way that prohibits mobile phone companies from targeting the younger generation. The Government could also insist that mobile phone manufacturers include health-warning leaflets with each phone sold.


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Our daughter died of a brain tumour... we blame her mobile, by Lech Mintowt-czyz


What is the law about mobile phones while driving?

Scientist Print Edition. (Journal reference: Enzyme and Microbial Technology - vol 30, p 73),

06 February 2002,

Mobile phone emissions increase worm fertility, by Duncan Graham-Rowe

Differentiation, Vol. 70 Issue 2-3 Page 120 May 2002


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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Radioactivity section.

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