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Are mobile phones harmful to our health

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 “Parents should ensure their children use mobile phones only when absolutely necessary because of the potential health risks, an expert is warning”



Contents:     image02.pngPAGE NUMBER

  • Introduction   image02.png 3 - 4
  • arguments of those who believe that mobile phones are a risk to their health  image02.png 4
  • (harmful effect of radiation) image02.png 4
  • Why the effects of mobile phones are really bad image02.png5-6
  • The effects of mobile phonesimage02.png6-7
  • What you should do about the effectsimage02.png8
  • Other dangerous harm to our health that we should knowimage02.png9
  • arguments of those who don’t believe that mobile phones are not harmful to our health image02.png10
  • scientific research about mobile phonesimage02.png11-13
  • conclusionimage02.png14-15
  • bibliographyimage02.png16




Many people have more than 2 phones on them and they don’t know that the effect of the radiation that comes from the phone is dangerous to their health which can even cause death to them.

Many people believe that mobile phones are a risk to our health and some still don’t know the effect that it has to our health.

Also some don’t believe that mobile phones harm our health because they think that mobile phones are meant to be used to talk all day. But that aren’t true because mobile phones are dangerous to our health.  The reason... we’ll get to find out in this case study.

Many people take more than 1 and a half hours talking on phone without the use of headphones or Bluetooth. So the amount of radiation we give to our body determines the risk we give to our body.

People don’t know the risk of radiation in mobile phones.

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Just as radiation is carried from mast to phone through radio waves, the cells in our bodies do just that. There is a constant exchange of information between living cells in our body. When man-made radiation was put together, no one thought the signals produced could interfere with the bodies’ natural exchange of information. The cells in a human body are sensitive to alien energy; the energy from a mobile phone is several billion times stronger than those of the cells, which can cause the body to malfunction.

Electromagnetic radiation caused by a mobile phone call for 2-3 minutes can alter the way your body responds, reacts and functions for up to 3 hours after the call. Every particle of our body spins around its own axis like a minute merry go round. This spinning motion creates a radiation field around each particle. If some sort of unevenness is brought in to the motion, it is transformed in to an electromagnetic wave spreading in all directions like ripples on water. Each of the body's particles spins and at the same time wobbles slightly due to its magnetic field and the electromagnetism within its field. This generates a very complex pattern of radiation known as the spin generated electromagnetic field, or the spin field.

So even if a radiation signal is not strong enough to fry you're brain, it will cause damage within the body's natural defenses system. Blood cells slow down the work rate of carrying blood and oxygen round the body. The spin effect is altered and the body is left in unknown territory and finds it difficult to regroup for sometime after. The body's harmonious function is not able to operate as particles are out of synchronization with each other.

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However we need to be careful when using our mobile phones because they can be dangerous to young kid and US as well.

Mobile phones used with out caution may be harmful for example

  • The use of mobile phones in the air plane, might cause a crash
  • The use of mobile phones while driving, might cause an accident
  • The use of mobile phone while using water might make the mobile destroy.
  • Leaving your mobile phones among kids might make you loose your phone.
  • Leaving your mobile without monitoring it might cause theft.

Scientist recognizes the risk of mobile phones. And the solution can never be to stop the use of mobile phones but they found out that they can minimize the effect it has:-

  •  Limit the number of calls you make
  • Limit the length of your calls
  • Use hands free devices or hold the phone away from your body
  • When speaking on your cell phone, alternate sides
  • Limit your cell phone use in rural areas. More radiation is emitted when you are further from a cell phone tower.
  • Go through these guidelines with your children and limit cell phone use by young children.

However, a growing number of studies suggested that there is a different effect which can be classified as tumours may be more common on the side of the head that is used for phone calls, especially for individuals using cell phones for more than 10 years.  However, a growing number of studies suggest.

Mobile phone is an every day activity and can’t be easily stopped even people know that its harmful to their health the best thing is to avoid the risk of radiation. It has been the world’s most popular and pervasive mobile electronic product As a result, more and more of us, people are now capable of performing multiple jobs and staying connected with our friends, business partners, and families.

...read more.

This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Radioactivity section.

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