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Are Mobile's Safe To Use?

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“Are mobile phones dangerous coursework”            -  -



Science Coursework-“Are Mobile Phones Safe To Use?”


This question is still being argued by some of the greatest scientists.  It is under this scrutiny due to the lack of substantial evidence to support either side. Mobiles have not been in use for long enough for anyone to be able to ascertain the long term effects of cell phones.

Is there a risk?

The main worry surrounding mobile phones is that the non-ionising radiation that they emit may be damaging some of the tissues in the human body.

Indirect ways that mobile phone may put a person a risk such as driving accidents in which a driver has been on the phone whilst driving and has been distracted from the road. Another way that mobiles may put a person at risk is when people (especially women, young people and the elderly) are mugged for their mobile phones. Young people owning a mobile phone also run the risk of people ill-treatment their number with abusive texts. Even those who do not own mobile phones may suffer from it, as “happy slapping” has become popular among the younger generations. These

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All things considered, no one is sure if there is a real risk.  One website (mobileshop.org) said: “If you do the maths, it works out that using a mobile phone is probably putting about the same power into your head as a TV transmitter a few miles away. It is hard to prove a negative, but there is no good evidence to suggest that either source of radio signal is a risk to health.”  (This website was, however, a phone website, so it is very probable that it is biased. They are attempting to convince the reader that there is no risk, if they said that there WAS a risk then it is unlikely that they would sell any products. They do, however, have numbers that support this quote.) The website says that mobile phones use similar radio frequencies to televisions.

Mobileshop.org also tells us that the maximum power used by a mobile phone is around 2 watts, but that this is only for short amounts of time, like when you make a call. They say that the maximum average power is around 0.25 watts.  A microwave oven uses about 10 watts, and a television transmitter uses a phenomenal 2 million watts.

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The age at which young people are acquiring phones is becoming lower and lower as phone prices get lower and average family income becomes higher. People can now afford a mobile phone for every family member…According to the table above; this includes over 1 in 10 seven year olds too.

In conclusion to this essay I would like you to decide if you think that you would carry on using your mobile phones, knowing that you are increasing your risk every time you press the green call button that one day you will get cancer, Alzheimer’s disease or severe memory loss. Is it really worth the risk?

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Radioactivity section.

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