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Are powerlines dangerous to health?

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Are power lines DANGEROUS to health?




What are power lines?                                                                        1

About power lines                                                                        1

Power stations/ the electricity network                                                2

Effects of power lines                                                                        2

Evidence for and against dangers of power lines                                        3

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Bibliography                                                                                4

What are power lines?

A power line is a cable that carries electricity from a power station to the users of the electricity or between electric utilities in a network. The cables are passed from a tall steel lattice structure. Power lines are located high overhead or buried underground. So they do not get in the way of any human activity or are a threat to any wildlife. The wires are spread to prevent birds on perching on them and electrocuting themselves although all wires are surrounded by a layer of thick plastic as plastic is not a conductor of electricity.

About power lines

The power line frequency is extremely low as you can see from the diagram below

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From the section ‘about power lines’ you can see that power lines produce a very low radiation, lower than radio. Hence do not damage people’s health dramatically. They produce a very low frequency so affect the human body little. There must be another factor causing diseases which hasn’t yet been discovered fully.

        Page         Physics

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Electricity and Magnetism section.

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