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Are you still going to eat shark fins?

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G.C.S.E English Language MJA Personal Writing: fiction Are you still going to eat shark fins? My name is Winnie Ip, I was born in a fisherman's family. My father, Wai-sun Ip is a fisherman. My mother, Wai-ling Ip helps my father with the fishing. For most of the day, they stay on the boat. I am at school for much of the time, but you must also help with the fishing. We must work together if we are to survive. One day, I went to help my father fish. We had a great catch on that day. To our surprise, there was a shark in our catch! Father was shocked to find he had caught a shark amongst the other unwanted creatures from the sea. ...read more.


Including its tail fin, the back fin, and pectoral fins...It had to struggle for a few days before it died. It would die of hunger or from the continual bleeding in its wounds. It could only lie on the seabed and wait for its unavoidable death. Oh no...I really felt sorry for the shark, this was too cruel to the animal. The shark was innocent and guiltless, but just because of the greediness of human beings, the shark had been killed. I was very sad because sharks are becoming extinct, but I also know how pleased my father would be to receive the money from the sale of this valuable fish. ...read more.


Until today, people like to eat shark fins. Especially in the celebrating parties, marriages, and gatherings. In fact, shark fins don't have any taste. People love to eat them just because of the chicken, which is also used in the soup. Moreover, it was very difficult to catch sharks in ancient time that is why the dry shark fins had become a valuable food in China. Have you ever thought that the extinction of sharks may lead to a serious problem for human being? It is not just because we cannot have shark fins soup again due to lack of shark fins, but the extinction of shark may destroy the food chain in the natural environment, the numbers of different creatures will be disorder, and finally, the human beings will suffer. Page1 ...read more.

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