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Assassin StoryBy John Shand Just one hour to go. My last job, early retirement, not my idea. The doctors orders, a heart condition

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Assassin Story By John Shand Just one hour to go. My last job, early retirement, not my idea. The doctors orders, a heart condition. Angina he called it but I'm still thinking about the loose ends I have to tie up. A little girl helpless in the hands of that deranged lunatic. Victim number 8 I say to my self... victim number 8! Emmer Lawson aged 10, she will be abused and beat up if I don't do anything about it. Emma Lawson aged 10, for all I know she could be dead already. As I was half way to the lock up, where I herd they took her, it hit, hopefully it a wicked spot of indigestion, at least that is what I prayed for it to be. ...read more.


The pain was excruciating. I just had to think about the girl. The doc' said it would be like this, just take the pills. As the pills went down my throat and into my stomach the pain went and turned back to anger...No need to play it quiet, not anymore. "Breath steady old fella'" I have to prove to myself that I'm not totally useless...ahh, what the hell ill go out with a bang. Make this be remembered for years. He likes to hear them scream. I've seen the other victims; with their twisted little faces all wide mouthed and eyed, frozen in their last horrible moment in life. ...read more.


He dropped the girl and he fell to the floor. I took Emmer, and then shot him in the hands, then one at his groin so he could never touch another girl ever again. I stared at that freak for about twenty seconds then...BANG! And another, and again. One of his body guards put three in my back. I dizzily rested onto a nearby barrel telling the man if he touched the girl, id kill him. He confidently laughed at me. As I dropped to one knee I quickly grabbed a gun from my ankle holster and shot him in the head. I could barely breath, I herd the sirens getting louder and louder, I knew she would be safe now. Everything started to get dark, its ok and old fella for a young innocent girl...Fair Trade. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Humans as Organisms section.

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