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Basketball and Biology

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Sports are one of the biggest forms of entertainment of our time. Imagine playing it without any bone of muscles. You would be a blob of fat and skin moving from one side of the court/field to the other or moving from one base to another. Bones make up the skeleton which is necessary to keep our body's shape. But even with a shape we couldn't move properly unless we have muscles. The definition of a muscle is "A tissue composed of fibers capable of contracting to effect bodily movement." So basically to play sports or in fact do anything you need a skeleton and muscles. ...read more.


Passing the ball uses as much energy as writing a 250 word essay. To pass a basket ball many muscles and bones are required. First to grip the ball you need to use your carpals and metacarpals. To get ready to pass the ball your biceps contract and your triceps relax. When you actually pass the ball you triceps contract and your biceps relax. To do this your whole hand is involved. This means that passing involves you Radius, Ulna, Humerus and Pectoral Girdle. There are many joints that are involved in the passing process. A hinge joint which is in your elbow, a ball and socket joint which connects your Humerus and your Pectoral girdle. ...read more.


If you need all these bones and muscle to just pass or shoot once imagine how tiring it would be to play a whole game (1 hour) To sum it all up to play sports or do anything you need a skeletal system and a muscular system. Cramps are a player's worst enemy. It happens when a person contracts his/her muscle too quickly. In Florida players of a University football team were getting cramps and dehydrated quickly, so a medical professor came up with a formula that would help them. He tested the formula and it was a success. The coach used this for the rest of the season. Since the college mascot was a gator they decided to call the drink Gatorade! ?? ?? ?? ?? By: Sonny Desai ...read more.

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