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Biology AT1 – Osmosis

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Biology AT1 - Osmosis Potatoes are the living tubers of the potato plant. They are the stores of carbohydrates that would normally be used to produce new potato plants in the spring. When potato tissue is put into sugar solution, osmosis occurs between the calls and the solution. In my experiment, I will first, cut fifteen lengths of potato about 3cm long, using a borer, and then weigh them. I will use this many because I have chosen to use five different sugar solutions for the experiment and to make it more fair then there will be three strips of potato in each solution. The points of the graph of result I will make will be from the averages of percentage weight change of each strip. ...read more.


Preliminary work has been done showing that osmosis does occur in potato tissue, but not measuring weight. In that experiment, the droop of a longer potato tissue sample was measured. Sugar Solution Distilled water 0.2M 0.5M 0.7M 0.9M Potato strips' weight Before Exp. Strip 1 1.37g 1.01g 1.13g 1.29g 1.17g Strip 2 1.23g 1.06g 1.12g 1.18g 1.19g Strip 3 1.32g 1.00g 1.41g 1.08g 1.14g Average weight 1.31g 1.02g 1.22g 1.18g 1.17g Potato strips' weight After Exp. Strip 1 1.50g 1.06g 1.02g 0.86g 0.95g Strip 2 1.38g 1.03g 1.04g 0.76g 1.00g Strip 3 1.57g 1.09g 1.24g 0.77g 1.01g Average 1.48g 1.06g 1.10g 0.79g 0.99g Weight Change +0.17g +0.04g -0.12g -0.39g -0.18g Percentage Change +13% +4% -10% -33% -16% I also recorded a friend's result to compare. She used different sugar solutions and a slightly different method. ...read more.


I believe that if I repeated the experiment exactly with the exact same weights of potato that I would not get the exact same results. I think I could have improved my experiment by making sure I left the experiment for an exact amount of time. On the graph, there is almost a steady decline in weight as the sugar solution strength increases, however, in the strongest solutions, the amount of osmosis seems to be less, this is true for both my friend's results and mine. I believe that a reason for this may be that there can only be a certain amount, the maximum amount of osmosis occurring. The higher concentrations of solutions contain more sugar than the sugar solution can exchange, so making the potato closer to its original weight. Further work to provide relevant data and evidence could be to repeat the same experiment many times or to devise a different experiment that may be more reliable. ...read more.

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