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Biology catalyst couursework

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Biology Coursework Plan Enzymes are biological catalysts. They speed up chemical reactions in all living things. Each particular enzyme has a unique, 3-dimensional shape shared by all its molecules. Within this shape there is an area called the active site where the chemical reactions occur. Probably the fastest enzyme known is called catalase it breaks the chemical hydrogen peroxide down to water and oxygen. The equation for this reaction is: 2 H2O2 � 2 H2O + O2 There are a few factors that affect the rate of an enzyme reaction such as: * pH- Enzymes are proteins; they have a structure that is sensitive to pH. In very acidic are alkaline conditions the shape can change. This means the active site will no longer fir the substrate and a reaction will not occur. * Temperature- Molecules move faster at higher temperatures causing more collisions which will cause the reaction to happen quicker. Temperatures above 40�C can denature an enzyme thus changing the shape of the active site. * Surface area- A larger surface area means that more of the enzyme is in contact with the substrate. This will therefore insure an increased reaction rate. ...read more.


This would show me how much oxygen had been released in the ten second time span. My results were as followed: Yeast concentration Hydrogen Peroxide Gas released (10 seconds) 2.0% 5.0ml 20ml 1.6% 5.0ml 12ml 1.2% 5.0ml 9.0ml 0.8% 5.0ml 3.5ml 0.4% 5.0ml 1.0ml I will repeat each of the conditions to insure that there are no outliers and if the results don't match I will have to do the investigation a third time For my final method this is the apparatus I will use: * 12 boiling tubes - To sufficiently hold the Yeast solution and Hydrogen Peroxide * Boiling tube rack - To sufficiently hold the boiling tubes upright * Gas syringe - Measures the amount of oxygen produced * Burette - Accurately measures out amount of Yeast solution and Hydrogen Peroxide * Stopwatch - Accurately measures 10 seconds * Yeast solution (measured from burette for an accurate measurement) * Distilled water (measured from burette for an accurate measurement) * Hydrogen Peroxide (measured from burette for an accurate measurement) These are the steps that I will need to follow whilst doing the investigation: * Take the boiling tubes and place under the burettes, fill the first of the boiling tubes with 5ml of yeast solution and 0ml of distilled water. ...read more.


This small delay could differ from test to test causing a small difference in the data that I was receiving. However I did two tests and the averages where taken and there were no major differences within the two tests. I am happy that I used a gas syringe as it took the measurements very accurately and helped me achieve results without having to predict what the oxygen produced was. If I where to do this test again I would use more than 10 seconds after the hydrogen peroxide was poured in. I would push this up to 20 seconds to get a more accurate showing of the oxygen produced. Using my graph, with lines of best fit, I can draw a conclusion from my experiment. The concentration to amount of oxygen produced graph has a positive correlation - as the concentration is increased so does the rate of reaction and therefore oxygen produced. I believe there was a sufficient range of readings to justify my predictions and conclusions as you can see a clear consistent line of best fit. Taking all into consideration I believe that the conclusions I took from this experiment are accurate and precise and have been proven so by my results. ?? ?? ?? ?? MATTHEW HUMPHREY 10D ...read more.

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