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Biology experiment. Air pollution: Does sulphur dioxide affect seed germination?

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Air pollution: Does sulphur dioxide affect seed germination? The aim of this experiment is to find out how sulphur dioxide affects seed germination. This will be done by adding different concentrations of sodium metabisulphite to cress seeds, which will be germinated in a polythene bag for a week. The different solutions will be tested by different users, the concentration you need to use will be assigned. After a week, the results will be notated and plotted on a graph. The graph will indicate the severity of sulphur dioxide during seed germination. Materials required: * filter paper * Petri dish * a pencil * watch glass * tongs * cotton wool * Different concentrations of Sodium metabisulphite * polythene bag * a wire * tap water * 25 Cress seeds Method: 1. ...read more.


8. Tie the bag using the wire. 9. Place it on a windowsill, and leave it to germinate for a week. 10. After a week, record the number of seeds germinated. 11. Plot a graph using the results. Concentration of Sodium metabisulphite (%) Number of seeds germinated Percentage germination (%) Average stem length (Cm) 0 21 84 1.5 0.01 18 72 0.6 0.05 17 68 0.9 0.1 13 52 0.42 0.25 2 8 0.25 1 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 Conclusion: During the experiment each group was assigned a different concentration to test, the one that I recorded was 1%. From my individual experiment I have found that 1% Sodium metabisulphite is enough to stop a plant from germinating. ...read more.


Also the amount of water available to the seeds was near enough equal. To make the results reliable, I have compared my results with people who used the same concentrated solution. The result highlighted on the table, is most likely to be incorrect, incorrectly measured or another factor may have affected its growth. Evaluation: The experiment overall went well. I have found that sulphur dioxide does affect seed germination, when in the right concentration it completely stops the germination. The experiment was made valid and reliable. However to improve it for the future, the experiment can be made more reliable by repeating it several times and taking the average number of germination. To increase the validity I could have ensured that the amount of water was fully equal in each Petri dish. ...read more.

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