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Genetically Modified Foods Report

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Genetically modified foods report

Genetically modified foods are food that have been changed or reproduced in a different way by removing or adding a gene to make it different. You can change the plants genes to make it better in a lot of different ways like you can make a plant drought tolerant but adding or taking away the gene for that. This gene swapping process is normally done in a laboratory and it has to always be done right of the gene will be wrong and stuff up. These plants have been changed to desired trait such as increased resistance to herbicides or improved nutritional content. The traditional way of genetically modifying the plant is to out breed the genes in the plant but this is very time consuming and can be inaccurate most of the time. But on the other hand genetically engineering the plant is much more efficient and less time consuming. Genetically engineering a plant is where the manipulation of an organism's genetic endowment by introducing or eliminating specific genes through modern molecular biology techniques.

Genetically modified foods are useful to humanity because they are making food easier to grow and keep longer. They are making our lives easier because if the plants can grow in drought areas that means they can grow them without much water and more for us. Also that means there is more housing in the more tropical areas. Another reason why it is useful to humanity is that it will be easier to grow the plants faster and meaning that there will be more food. Also but changing the genes in the plant to help humanity in many ways including making fruits last longer in the fridge to that means they won’t get old and off as easily. Creating these plants can also help making new medications and curers for illnesses.

The problems and dangers of genetically modified foods are that the chemicals that they put in the plants can be very dangerous to both us humans and the environment. For us humans it could cause a massive increase in allergies and also the foods will carry a lot of toxins which can be a big harm. For the environment it with disrupt the ecological balance and contaminate the soils and the water (rivers, lakes etc.) around the area of the plant. The problem about all these chemicals once they are released they can’t be recalled or contained for generations. It can also cause lots of diseases along different barrier to animals, environment etc. all these problems are incalculable.

The prospective in the media are that they want to stop the use genetically modified foods because they say that it’s destroying the environment and it’s bad for humans too. The media says the growth of genetically modified foods if letting out lots of toxins and bad fumes for the plants and the surroundings. But on the other hand they also agree with it too because it is helpful because it can help the research for different medications and also it can be easier and faster to grow foods genetically then normally. The media are also interesting that the scientists can speed up the growth of different plants and also that they can change the genes in a plant to make it a lot different.

My position in the study and use of genetically modified foods is to stop using genetically modified foods because why is it so difficult to grow plants and food normally, it isn’t that hard. These days’ people have to make thing so difficult and what I’ve learnt about genetically modified foods are that why we are modifying things when we could be finding cures to other thing. Also due to all this modifying the scientist are destroying the environment at the same time I’m pretty sure we would rather wait a little longer for a tomato to grow normally then to have to modify it to grow faster or to make it more efficient.  

By Belinda Koikkalainen




Accessed on the 20th of August


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Accessed on the 20th of August


-GENETICALLY MODIFIED LANGUAGE -The discourse of arguments for GM crops and food by Guy Cook

-The Politics of GM Food: A Comparative Study of the UK, USA, and EU by Dave Toke.

-Controversies in Food and Nutrition by Myrna Chandler Goldstein, Mark A. Goldstein.

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