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But it's not only what we eat, what we make and use also damages not only us and animals, but the environment as well

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Us humans eat so much rubbish, and I don't mean plastic bags and milk cartons, or even chips, or burgers or chocolate cake, I mean stuff like 'The pill', preservatives, those muscle building drugs, artificial colours and flavours. Which aren't only made from chemicals. To be specific a certain red food colouring was made from squished pregnant bugs, now I doubt that anyone would squish a bug and eat it voluntarily, except for maybe the occasional curious 2 year old. It's not manufactured any more, but that's probably because they ran out of bugs. The main problem is that when we take all these drugs and artificially modified stuff we don't think about the effect it may later have on the environment and us. ...read more.


It is feared that because it is in our water supply it could be the cause of a decrease in male fertility. Imagine if not only for fish but for us as well our guys became girls. We'd all be like sea horses or something even worse. Arnold Swartsinagers part in the movie junior when he plays the pregnant father might not be such a hilarious, freaky thing any more, in fact it could become quite possible that men could have babies. Unfortunately this problem isn't only confined to Britain, it also is taking place in America, Japan and Germany. And when the viagra gets into the water what affect will it have? My vote is that we will have some very confused fishettes. ...read more.


If the ozone layer disappears or is wrecked we would all shrivel up like worms in the sun. If men become ladies, we'll die out. If we kill of a species of innocent bugs, well that's just mean, but you get the point. Everything we do will come back to bite us in the bottom. We need to be aware of what goes inside us, cause its gonna come out one way or another. I say we should let nature take its course without interfering. Without adding all sorts of extras to everything we eat. Hey if I'm hungry I'll eat 2 apples I don't need a giant one pumped full of hormones. Apples are fine just the way they are and so are people. If we continue to play with the earth like a giant cubix box then we may have to face the wrath of mother nature. ...read more.

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