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can abortion be justified

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Can abortion be justified and left in the hands of the mother alone? Contents page Intro and background p3 Arguments p4 Religion p5 Conclusion p6 Bibliography p7 Introduction I will investigate abortions reasons for and against abortions and what they consist of and why they are made legal. I will show different opinions on this and listing why they leave it in the hands of the mother and family. I will look at religious beliefs on abortion and the different ways of aborting a child. Study Abortions are removing or destroying an embryo or fetus from the uterus. There are two main different ways it can happen as a miscarriage or it can be surgically removed by surgery or by a chemical. Chemical abortion can be caused by certain drugs, administered in varying ways, which act upon the hormones of the mother to create a situation in which a newly-formed human being, known as a zygote or embryo at this stage, cannot survive. ...read more.


Surgeries should not perform it on a patient afterward. when you surgically remove the embryo you use a curettage to take the baby out of the womb where it then dies. Arguments Against abortion: pro-life Many people believe that families should not be the one to decide whether they "murder" their child or not. They believe that abortion without a valid reason is a crime which they should be punished for. Some reasons are there is a risk of the mother loosing her life from the abortion or that the child is diagnosed with a disease that would lower their standard of living dramatically. Most people against believe that life begins at conception rather than at birth or at some point in-between. Most oppose to certain types of contraception such as hormonal because it in some cases kills embryos. ...read more.


It is one of the six kinds of murder described in Hindu culture. They say Abortion "thwarts" a soul in its progress towards God, like any other act of violence. It teaches that a foetus is a living, conscious person deserving of protection. Islam Islamic views are based equally on the concept that abortion is considered murder. Islam does provide some exceptions where abortion is permissible, such as when the woman's life is in jeopardy. According to a hadith, the foetus is not alive until the 40th day after conception. Conclusion Overall my opinion on abortion is that it should not be solely left in the hand of the mother because they might not be the only one that wants the child. In practically all religions they are against abortion because they see it as taking a life which is murder by any standards. There are a range of views on this topic as it very delicate but I can conclude that most people do not see it fit unless there is a valuable reason for that. ...read more.

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