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cannabis case study

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Introduction In this case study I'm going to debate the topic of cannabis legalization. I shall argue the advantages of cannabis such as it is a good pain relief and helps to relax. However, I shall also argue the disadvantages, such as it can lead to many medical conditions such as cancer, HIV, Multiple sclerosis and glaucoma. Personally, I feel Cannabis shouldn't be legalized, which I shall explain throughout this case study. Taking it Smoking is the most common way of taking cannabis. A judicious amount of the drug is mixed with tobacco and hand-rolled into a cannabis cigarette. The 'spliff', 'joint', 'doobie', or 'reefer' is then lit up, inhaled, and often shared amongst a group of people. It can also be ingested orally, either eaten 'raw' or mixed with food preparations or hot drinks. When eaten, however, the effects can be stronger, since the dosage is less controllable. There are two varieties of cannabis, which are: Sativa grows very tall with slender shaped leaves, and a long Flowering period. ...read more.


The Science of Marijuana, by Dr Leslie Iversen of Oxford University's department of pharmacology, found many "myths" surrounding cannabis use, such as extreme addictiveness, or links with mental illness or infertility are not supported by science. Cannabis is sometimes used in medicines. These medicines provide relief of spasticity for patients with Multiple Sclerosis. It has been shown to significantly reduce intractable spasticity (spasms and stiffness) in people with Multiple Sclerosis. He also found cannabis is an inherently "safe drug" which does not lead to cancer, infertility, brain damage or mental illness. Legalization of the drug for medical conditions should be considered, he says. Why cannabis shouldn't be legalized. However, Cannabis has many bad side effects. It becomes physiologically addictive and can cause heavy users to display aggressive behaviors if their supply stops. The fear. Not all the effects of cannabis are pleasant. High doses can cause mild hallucinations and sensory distortions. Users refer to this as 'Getting fear'. Other side effects can also be mild panic attacks and paranoia. ...read more.


If you also smoke normal cigarettes on top of this, your tar intake can be extremely high. Additionally, the tar phase of cannabis smoke contains higher concentration of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) than tobacco smoke. As PAHs are carcinogenic, the lung cancer risks get even higher. A Recent study by the British Lung Foundation found that just three cannabis joints a day cause the same as 20 cigarettes. In the UK Cannabis plants and resin are class C drugs. Cannabis is a schedule 1 Drug meaning that it is considered to have no legitimate therapeutic use. Despite declassification, production, possession and distribution of cannabis is still illegal and you can be arrested. In most cases of possession, arrest is less likely; usually the drug would just be confiscated and a warning would be given. The likelihood of being arrested increases depending on the area you are in. For example... public areas or schools. Personally, I feel that cannabis shouldn't be legalized. Many people who don't need to use cannabis for any medical reasons could take it, and this could case unnecessary harm. I feel that there are other ways in which people can feel 'high' from doing exercise or laughing. ...read more.

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