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Carry out a suitable experiment to test the hypothesis that a leaf from a desert or semi-desert plant (Xerophyte) (for example , Sedum) loses less water than a temperate climate plant (Mesophyte) (For example, Oak or Geranium).

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GCSE Science Coursework Alternatives: 1. Carry out a suitable experiment to test the hypothesis that a leaf from a desert or semi-desert plant (Xerophyte) (for example , Sedum) loses less water than a temperate climate plant (Mesophyte) (For example, Oak or Geranium). 2. Carry out a suitable experiment to compare the loss of water from the leaves of lowland trees such as Oak, Beech and Sycamore and water loss from the leaves of upland trees such as Rowan, and Scots pine. 3. Compare the growth of cress in water obtained from different sources. Skill area 1: Planning If you do this properly the rest becomes easier! To gain the highest marks you must.... "Use detailed scientific knowledge and understanding to plan and communicate an appropriate strategy." Which means...... * Write everything relevant that you know related to the task, including o An understanding of how plants lose water from their leaves. o A description of the leaves from the particular plants under investigation including anything you know about their structure or special features for conserving water. ...read more.


"taking into account the need to produce precise and reliable evidence," Which means..... * Explaining why you have chosen to take a certain number of measurements in a certain way, at particular intervals to ensure that you have sufficient results for reliable evidence. * Reliable evidence is having enough data to produce a consistent enough trend in your results to suggest that your experiment has been carried out fairly and accurately. "use relevant information from preliminary work, where appropriate, to inform the plan" Which means..... * Trying out a pilot experiment to explain the finer details of your method and why you have designed your investigation in a particular way to prove or disprove your hypothesis. Skill area 2: Obtaining Evidence "Collect sufficient systematic and accurate evidence and repeat or check where appropriate." Which means..... * Organise the collection of your results to produce a series of recordings from which you can find a trend if there is one. * Repeat recordings for reliability. ...read more.


Which means..... * Show how well your prediction fits the pattern of your results and what you have understood from that pattern. Skill area 4: Evaulating This is the toughest area to obtain the highest marks! "comment on the quality of the evidence, identifying any anomalies" Which means..... * Pick out any odd individual results or sets of results and how they affect the trend of the overall set of results "comment on the suitability of the procedure and, where appropriate, suggest changes to improve it" Which means..... * Pick out any ways in which you could improve how you designed the experiment or collected your evidence. "consider critically the reliability of the evidence and whether it is sufficient to support the conclusion, accounting for any anomalies" Which means..... * Is your data reliable enough for you to have a lot of faith in your conclusions. Are the odd results "odd enough" to make you doubt the overall pattern or are they just measurement errors or due to poorly set up equipment. "describe, in detail, further work to provide additional relevant evidence" Which means..... * Describe another experiment which you could set up to back up your evidence but not necessarily repeat it. ...read more.

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