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Topic 1. INTRODUCTION PAGE topic2. CONTENTS PAGE Topic 3. THE INTRODUCTION OF OBESITY AND HOW IT HAPPENED AND WHO IS OBESE topic4. FAST FOOD COMPANIES Topic 5. BLAME IT ON THE PARENTS? Topic 6. REASONS AGAINST BEING OBESE Topic 7. REASONS FOR BEING OBESE Topic 8. THE SCIENTIFIC SIDE: IS BEING OBESE IN YOUR GENES? Topic 9. CONCLUSION THE INTRODUCTION OF OBESITY AND HOW IT HAPPENED In recent years the problem of obesity has became a huge global issue, and in places like America it has spiralled out of control. Obesity is a condition in which big amounts of body fat have gathered together to such an extreme that general health may be affected very badly. In my case study I will be looking at the causes of obesity, and what people think on the matter. Also I will look at who is obese, what can be done about it, and why people are obese. Being heavily overweight or obese has many diseases that you can aquire if your not careful. These diseases are diabetes mellitus type 2, cardiovascular diseases and other various cancers. In scientific terms obesity is having a body mass index of 30+, 30-40 is very overweight and 40+ is morbidly obese and is a huge hazard to your health. ...read more.


The subsequent headlines put the company back in the defendant seat over obesity. The food companies should take into consideration more healthy options. In supermarkets they should have a wider range of organic and healthy products for sale. Also they should print exactly what is in the product on the packaging so that people know exactly what they are buying. The fast food chains can do a lot to help. They can all put healthy options up on their menus. They can also use better quality food in their products, so they should use quality meat instead of road kill and bad quality animals. The fast food giant, like many others in this particular food industry, have been accused of contributing to rising rates of obesity in many western countries, something it strongly denies. Something that I totally agree on, which brings me to my next topic: PARENTS! Parents Parents are said to be the major cause of obesity due to spoiling their child. It is simple. Do not spoil them, and don not be so lazy. Instead of taking them to McDonalds or KFC, make a meal at home, an extra half an hour can be worth it in the long run. Also, get your child interested in a sport or activity, as this also helps reduce the risk. ...read more.


* The pavement cracks when you fall down * You've got more chins than Chinatown * When you go to the beach you're a lucky man, as you're the only one who gets a tan. * If you have one more pie a la mode you're going to need your own POST code * When I'm only having seconds you're having twenty-thirds When you go to get your shoes shined you've got to take their word * When you go outside to get the mail, it measures on the Richter scale. * When you go out to the movies, YOU TAKE UP SEVEN ROWS! All of this just because you are fat, is it worth it? You decide! Conclusion Overall I feel that obesity has gotten out of control and is on the decline instead of getting better. From my point of view I blame the individuals and their parents for their obesity. It is their fault if they choose to eat large amounts of food at their own costs. They should have the power to stop themselves, and have the power to eat sensibly and carefully rather then gouging on junk food and rubbish. So unless you want to look like this guy, stop now! Yes you did sir. Without these websites I would not have been able to make this amazing piece of coursework. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Patterns of Behaviour section.

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