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Informing People about Global Warming - the scientific evidence.

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INFORMING THE COMMUNITY: Right now the whole entire Australian population should be aware of global warming, how it effects everyone and etc. All the advertisements that show on the TV are telling us how to prevent this. This shows that most people are aware of a growing problem in the world and that we can prevent the problem before it reaches up to a critical level. But are we acting upon the current situation? If we are, are we doing it properly? It's time to stop and take a closer look at these terrible issues, and find what you can do to contribute. I'm sure you all know what is global warming. We've all heard about it, yet some of us have no idea what it is actually about. A brief explanation should refresh your memories or give you a good understanding of what Global Warming is. Global Warming is usually a natural part of our earth. ...read more.


This is called Global Warming. Global warming has been slowly pushing the balance out of place in nature. According to the NRDC (National Resources Defence Council), warmer temperatures means that our polar ice caps are melting, resulting in high rising sea levels, which can cause flooding, and loss of land in countries with low sea levels, several natural habitats being destroyed, and the shift in the atmospheric temperatures can lead to more natural disasters on a global scale. You think it's about time to start acting? You should be, while most of you have been using the air conditioner and ramping it up and making things worse, some people around the world have already begun all different kinds of work and roles on battling out the current situation. Organisations such as the CSIRO and NASA are constantly researching sustainable development day by day for methods and ways we could all contribute to the ecological footprint. ...read more.


Of course, this industry relies heavily on the world and where it stands in the fight against climate change and global warming, and over the next decade, the world could possibly either rely on jobs like these more heavily if the situation gets worse, or less if things get better. Either way, it is a very delicate matter. With these predictions, estimates and statistics, it should be very clear to you all that we have to act now to save our beloved planet from deteriorating. If we all don't act now this planet will eventually reach to a point where the results of climate change are irreversible. I hope for those out there who read this article will not only learn something out of this but also to take something out of it. To the Australian public, I speak to you all that we shall put our act together and work towards to a more sustainable planet and future. ?? ?? ?? ?? 8/5/2010 ...read more.

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