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Using Ice core Data

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Science h/w Kaviayi Kunnul 9y/1 Using Ice Core Data 1. Air is trapped in the ice. This is used to make measurements about the atmosphere in the past. The air contains amounts of gas and scientist measure how much of each gases is in the sample when the ice was formed. 2. 400 000 years before 1950, the amount of Co2 was at 0.0279% because the atmosphere at that time was full of C02 because there were many volcanoes at that time and when they exploded one of the gases that came out was Co2. ...read more.


The level of Co2 was 0.017%. In 1950, when the timeline stops, the amount of Co2 was 0.028%, higher than at the start of the timeline! However this is lower than when humans first started using fossil fuels, probably because then people started realising the effects of burning fossil fuels and stared replanting forests etc. 3. Research from other groups could be used to validate this by showing how the levels of Co2 changed i.e. Data from ancient rocks. 4. Ice core data cannot be used to measure how much Co2 was in the atmosphere when the earth was young because when the earth was ...read more.


This is possibly because even though we are trying to reforest areas and stop using so much fossil fuel and we are not doing enough, also other parts of the world continue to use large amounts of fossil fuels and are doing nothing to stop. 6. Co2 levels might have increased because of deforestation, less green space, burning fossil fuels also insect population have been increasing and insects exhale Co2, insects exhale nearly twice as much carbon dioxide as that produced by humans burning fossil fuels. 7. The ice core data doesn't nessarly confirm that only humans are causing increase levels of Co2, but it is mostly cause by humans, most of the reasons why Co2 is increasing are caused by humans. ...read more.

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