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Cloning Of A Cauliflower

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Cloning Of a Cauliflower Introduction Cloning is the process of creating an identical copy of something. In Biology, it collectively refers to processes used to create copies of DNA fragments (Molecular Cloning), Cells (Cell Cloning), or organisms. The term also encompases situations, whereby organisms reproduce asexually, but in common parlance refers to intentionally created copies of organisms. Method 1. Swab the laboratory bench with ethnol (70%) 2. Cut out a small piece of cauliflower- then roughly a centimetre across- with a sharp scalpel 3. ...read more.


7. Pour out 50cm3 of sterile distilled water into three 100cm3 beaker 8. Flame the neck of the bottle and replace the cap 9. Dip the end of a pair of forceps into a beaker of ethanol, keeping this well away from the flame. 10. Pass the forceps through a blue Bunsen flame to ignite the ethanol and sterilise them. 11. Allow the forceps to cool, and then aseptically transfer the explants to a beaker of sterile water. Leave there for one minute. ...read more.


16. Carefully flame the neck of the tube and replace the cotton wool. 17. Cover the cotton wool with aluminium foil. 18. Repeat stages 15 to 17 with the other two explants, transferring them aseptically to two further tubes of growth media. 19. Keep the explants in a warm, light place. 20. Growth of the explants should be visible after about 10 days. 21. In this tube, aseptic technique has not been observed, and the explant has not grown. 22. Healthy explant and contaminated explant compared. Safety Points * Careful with scalpels * Ethanol is flammable . ...read more.

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