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compare and contrast three ways of giving up smoking

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Compare and contrast three ways of giving up smoking Smoking is a big legal business, but there are 1.1 billion smokers' worldwide, smoking around 6000 billion cigarettes each year! However, this shocking amount of cigarettes that are being smoked is awful, as it can result to too many people suffering serious and fatal diseases such as lung cancer, emphysema and are other dangerous illnesses. The reason why our health is at risk when we smoke is because as a cigarette burns it produces a smoke cocktail of around 4000 chemicals! These chemicals can harm us as we breathe them straight into our lungs and some are absorbed into our blood stream. This carries them around our body to our brain. Since WW1 smoking has increased in numbers as people have had many troublesome moments and they could only calm themselves by smoking. Why? In cigarettes there is an addictive drug in tobacco smoke called nicotine. Nicotine makes people feel better physically-as in calm and psychologically- being able to cope with things. ...read more.


An individual learns that by doing something or behaving in a certain way, an unpleasant consequence can be avoided. * Group withdrawal clinics (24% effectiveness of method) - a clinic that provides advice by nurses or people who have experienced smoking with a group of smokers. * Education (18% effectiveness of method) - providing information to pupils about diseases or causes of smoking. The most effective method out of the three is the smoke aversion therapy because it has shown that 25% of smokers if useful to them in this way. It is quite obvious that if you help a smoker to identify where they weaken to have a cigarette then they will be able to realise that they should do something at that moment to prevent themselves from smoking. That is exactly what they advice you in a smoke aversion therapy as this helps the smoker to take more control of themselves approaching their way of habits whereas in the other two methods it does not approach the mind in the same manner but you could say that the group withdrawal clinic ...read more.


It's because that person really wants to give up on cigarettes and unlike most smokers they don't try to put the effort in. Some people are peer pressured and some just give up because of their difficulties in life so it varies quite a lot. Quitting is difficult for smokers but I believe that a smoker will not be able to stop unless they set there mind to it. That is why there is no method that is 100% effective because it relies on that person and his or her decision. LOCAL AUTHORITIES The local authorities are taking action on cigarette littering sending out Street Litter Control Notice to keep Britain tidy. They will provide more smoking shelters especially in places like hospitals and hotels to keep other people safe and away from passive smoking. They shall provide more education for teenagers to lower the amount of teenage smokers in the UK and more notices will be around for teenagers to help them quit smoking with the help of a smoker who has become a non-smoker. As education increases, there will also be more clinics to help smokers with classes around the UK. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This is a well written report that lacks structure.
1. Use subheadings to lead the reader through the report rather than running commentaries.
2. Researched information should be referenced.
3. The report needs to have a conclusion.
4. Only use relevant images in the report.

Marked by teacher Luke Smithen 16/07/2013

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