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Comrades And Episodes.

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Comrades And Episodes. "Granddad why are you in a wheel chair" said Mr Gates grandson. "I was lucky to still be alive today if it wasn't for three of my comrades in the war," he started to explain. "Please can you tell me Granddad?" the boy asked. "Well it all started many years ago..." Many years ago in the war It was a cold and windy night. I could only just feel my feet through the tight, but thin leather on my boots. My heart was pounding, as I walked across no mans land, the wind suddenly caught up. I thought about my family, as I approached the barbed wire. ...read more.


I suddenly herd voices I recognized them as Timmins, Jones and Bard. I heard them talk about ex-lovers and the sort. I thought about their tunics that did not fit, and there faces that I thought I would never see again. I then thought to myself, I am only a hundred yards away I can make it I'm sure. So I started to try and scramble across no mans land. I heard my leg click and crunch as I tried to move it. The bones grinded together and the blood still came it was killing me, literally. The ground was so hard and cold and it bit into my blood-covered hands. ...read more.


They all jumped together I saw Timmins scull cave in as a bullet ripped through his now empty scull ,the blood splattered on my face, and I saw his brain fly out of the back of his head. I then looked to the left and saw Jones' head cave in as another bullet went through his left eye, he then fell and rolled on the floor like a lifeless dolly. Finally Bard grabbed hold of me and pulled me over the parapet where a doctor managed to save my leg, but I was never going to be able to walk again. Present day "That is why I am in the infernal wheelchair and I hope you have learnt how important friends are they sacrificed their life for mine." Explained the granddad. ...read more.

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