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Consider The Opening Scenes Of 'The Matrix'. How Is A Tense Gripping Atmosphere Created?

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Consider The Opening Scenes Of ‘The Matrix’. How Is A Tense Gripping Atmosphere Created?

There is a sense of mystery created in the opening scenes of ‘The Matrix’. One of these things is the alternating green digits at the very start. The viewer is not aware what is happening, and then one by one the columns of numbers stop alternating and fix on one number, creating a tense atmosphere as the viewer is unsure what numbers will be shown, or what will happen once they have stopped. This is enigmatic as the viewer does not know what this number signifies or what the green digits are there for. The dialogue between two people on the phone is also used to create a gripping atmosphere as they begin to talk about killing somebody, but the conversation then moves on to saying how the target is believed to be ‘the one’.

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Sound is used in the beginning of ‘The Matrix’, during the alternating digits scene, as a way of gripping the viewer. As the digits are quickly changing a keyboard can be heard typing, as thought somebody is typing the digits. This grips the viewers as it makes them wonder why somebody would be typing these digits, and what their purpose in the film is. The scene after this, the police scene, has no sound, apart from one loud bang as the door is kicked down. This has created a gripping atmosphere as the silence shows that the police do not want anyone else to know that they are there, and the kicking of the door makes the viewer jump, as they are not expecting such a loud noise after so much silence.

The pace of the opening scene of ‘The Matrix’ scene also creates a tense gripping atmosphere.

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In conclusion I believe that the opening scenes of ‘The Matrix’ are effective in creating a tense and gripping atmosphere as they are designed to keep the viewer watching the film, and I think that it is successful in doing this as it does not give away too much of the plot to the film early on but makes the viewer want to make sense of what has just happened.

Jamie Russell 11.4  

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