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Creationism/Evolution essay

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Creationism or Evolution? There are two main arguments for the birth of mankind and animal life, creationism and evolution. Creationism is the belief that god created the world in 7 days and evolution is the belief that we were born from single cells evolving (changing) over the millions of years; these two theories conflict and raise a lot of dispute. The idea of Evolution was presented by Charles Darwin in 1859. He thought that every organism began life as a single cell and evolved into what they are today. To explain his theory in more detail, he writes a book called 'The Origin of Species', detailing the idea of Evolution by natural selection. Darwin's work soon led to overwhelming acceptance of Evolution within the scientific community. ...read more.


Something similar to this has been seen with what we call 'Super Bugs'. These are diseases that keep on changing their DNA so they become immune to almost everything e.g. MRSA. Evolution isn't believable because, there are gaps in the fossil records. There are guesses at what this might be like neanderthals. There has been a skull discovered, but it could have been from one of the other periods. Also, there is a theory that aliens came down and planted all of the fossils and put things in volcanoes etc. People that believe this think they did this to trick everyone in the future. There are also gaps in the fossil records. This means that without fossils, there is no irrefutable evidence and without a complete proof, there is doubt. ...read more.


If they didn't believe it, they might think thy wouldn't get in to heaven. On the other hand, there is also arguments against Creationism. For example, anyone who is not a particularly religious person or an atheist, might think that since they don't believe in the religion, they don't believe in Creationism. This is because Also, there is no solid proof to say that Creationism is right, there are only theories to suggest this. If there was clear evidence that Creationism was correct, then there wouldn't be so many other religions which are very popular. To conclude, both evolution and creationism could work together as one theory. The design argument says that God created all things for a purpose, so in that case, perhaps evolution is just God working out the 'bugs' in the creatures; even divine beings aren't infallible ?? ?? ?? ?? Page 1 of 2 ...read more.

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