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Creative Writing : “You’re only a survivor when you’re rescued; until then, you’re a victim…”

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Alex Cresswell Miss. Metcalfe Creative Writing : "You're only a survivor when you're rescued; until then, you're a victim..." Inevitable strangulation loomed - the grim promise of a gradual, agonising demise. Another nauseating crack as the aching bones in my neck snapped like raw carrots, my bloodshot eyes bulged excruciatingly in their restricting sockets; palpitating veins on the verge of rupture. Breathing evolved into a sequence of increasingly urgent gasps; limbs swelled with blood as the persistent python tightened its pestilent grip around my limp body, consciousness fading... slowly... away... I awoke abruptly; panting heavily, sweat gushing down my scrawny torso and onto the tangled mess of bedclothes. Beads of sweat accumulated on my palm as I thrust a trembling hand through the mass of sweaty hair on my head. Relax - it was only a dream. I flung the saturated quilt to one side, sat up, and thought. One million pounds - a lot of money. But is it really worth risking my life for? ...What am I saying? I leave tomorrow, so it's far too late to back out now. I mean how difficult can it be? This island is supposed to supply me with everything I need - food, water... and I'm allowed to bring a few choice items with me. Guess it's time to choose. I'll need a knife, no doubt, and maybe a woolly jumper to keep warm, and some matches too - to light fires and stuff... I wonder what it'll be like on the island? They said it would be pretty mountainous, with lots of jungle. I've seen jungles on TV at least, and what about that film 'Rambo'? Didn't he strangle a snake in that? I don't think I'll be trying that. Will there be snakes on this island thing anyway? ...read more.


Darkness fell along with each straggly sapling, and before I could complete my last haul, I found myself lost in the intricate labyrinth of undergrowth. Jesting vines contorted with cruel mirth in the impending darkness, and grotesque faces grinned menacingly from noxious trunks. Despite the intense humidity, the chilling atmosphere was intimidating; all around me, the eerie stillness of the jungle drowned my dwindling sense of security; a vivid sense of foreboding creeping through the very marrow of my bones. The jungle watched on mischievously, a twisted enemy toying with its prey, thriving from my vulnerability in its assiduous presence. Every step seemed like an eternity in the vain attempt to muffle the deafening cackle of the leaves underfoot, trying their utmost to give me away; my enemy, loyal to the forest. The fluid cape of darkness swirled around me, a devilish demon dancing ceremoniously to the ear-splitting drumbeat of my pounding heart. Pins and needles radiated throughout my body as I frantically scrutinised my throbbing brain for the mental route to the shore I'd previously memorised. The escalating sense of claustrophobia beared down on me as darkness wrapped its suffocating cape of purest black around my exposed body. My skin lacerated brusquely as the smooth blade slipped and skidded over my forearm. Tepid blood seeped out and dribbled down my chest, as I took another powerful swing and brought the blade down with stunning accuracy through the brittle skull of the boar. Blood erupted from the wound, running through my fingers as I grasped its head tightly to absorb the spasms as its life drained away. A sickening thud as its hacked carcass landed in an ocean of fresh blood that had spilled out over the jungle floor. ...read more.


Raging hordes of sand spiralled tauntingly as the helicopter blades sliced the clammy air with forceful fury, and lazy ripples cascaded joyfully across the perfect expanse of undisturbed, golden beach. A sharp thud occurred as the helicopter touched down; chaotic clouds of creamy sand corkscrewing crazily as several uniformed men leapt out. The roar of the beast retired and began to dissolve into the dank atmosphere, the tune of tranquillity prevailing. It was only a matter of time before they realised that I was never going to arrive at the designated pick-up point, and send out a search party to scour the island. I mustn't let them find me, or they'd take me back to their human world. Driven by desperation, I stealthily clambered down into the dank depths of the jungle, my only asylum. Not a single twig snapped as I scampered through the familiar undergrowth, searching for a place to hide. By the time it had happened it was too late - one of the men from the helicopter swept a multitude of languid vines from his path, his expression even more startled than mine as our eyes made contact. Animal instinct surged through my atavistic brain. I launched the knife through the dense air with lethal force, and witnessed it slam into his chest, knocking him off his feet. Remorse was absent from my barbaric mind as I watched the blood erupt from the fatal wound. I withdraw my knife crudely from the body and scooped up some of the dark grey mud from the ground, applying it liberally to my face and chest. Merciless steel versus frayed leather as I drove the foot-long blade back into its tattered sheath and melted into the shadows of the undergrowth - the jungle concealing its ally with a shroud of black. (Received an A* Grade) ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Humans as Organisms section.

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