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Creative writing - Landfall space mission.

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Maniel Bains                                                                                                  Page 1 of 2


It is only our forth hour in space on our one day mission and already I am starting to feel a little home sick. I have done a lot of travelling before this mission, to fight wars and battles, but not to space. I have done all of the tests but none of them even nearly compare to actually being in space. My body is feeling so light and it’s as if I don’t have anything inside me. The greatest thing about space though is the incredible view I have of all of the planets and stars from the side window of the control room. There is no sight on Earth that compares to it. The planets look so colourful and bright, enough to make my mouth drop wide open with excitement.

    I am on this mission with three companions, Lloyd, Peter and Billy. Lloyd is the captain and the one who makes all of the main decisions. He is a big strong man in appearance, but inside you can tell he is a big softy.

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“Why am I not floating in here” I ask

“This is a specially designed gravity controlled room with gravity” says Peter

“Oh” I say puzzled. I sit down at the plastic table and begin to eat my meal. It consists of a watery, pasty substance with a glass of green liquid. I know that this was the food to give us everything we need each day to survive in space. Suddenly an enormous bang on the side of the ship topples us all over.

“Incoming fire!” shouts Lloyd,

“Go and take care of them” he shouts at me with a stern look. I run into the control room and look at the radar to see that there are two small fighter ships on our tail. I activate the shield generator to full power and aim my torpedo cannon at the first fighter. I soon have it in range and blast a missile at it. It hit it and the fighter ship explodes. I quickly move my second missile, aim at the fighter, and fire it. The missile misses by a few metres.

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“The engines have failed! We’re gonna die!” shouts Peter. Oh no I think to myself, this is it we are going to hit the ground, I put my hands over my face.

“Wake up! Wake up!” said Lloyd, I can hear his voice and feel him shake me. I open my eyes and with a sigh of relief realize that I have been dreaming.

“We are here, we are here” I get up and follow Lloyd into the control room. Peter and Billy are at the window.

“Quick come and take a look” says Billy

“It’s amazing! It’s amazing” shouts Peter…. I’ve been here before, things seem to be repeating themselves,

“Stop thinking like this it’s just a coincidence” I tell myself.

 I take my seat with the others in ready to enter the planets atmosphere.

“Hey what’s that glowing green thing in the shape of an ‘X’ ” Lloyd shouts.

    I feel my body shiver, I am cold all over…….It’s actually happening for real……..

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE The Earth and Beyond section.

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