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Creative writing - Valentine

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Creative writing


“She’s got green rubber shoes and a blue, paper flower. Pink flowing dress with a small silver like sparkle”

That image wrapped me up in its grip for months after I saw her. She was the ultimate daisy, picked from its blanket of clouds, soon after she blew away and I was never to smell her again. Now that winter is coming the existence of such a beautiful flower is withering and I feel as though I’m slipping away from her.

My ambition is for ‘us’ so I’m going to tell everyone about you so that I can keep the lies  in my mind and leave myself outside in the cold. The love that I urn for is the love that I bleed, I’m in the sky serving up a broken heart, your on

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The memories still brand my brain.

“Oh your staring at my shoes, not crying. Your brushing back your hair, but not crying. But you love me!?”

My soul blew away as you uttered those words through a thick brightly coloured insecurity that was the fog that had manifested it self inside of me. Watched the stars again and felt so light as they disappeared unto the earth to cover your pink dress.

Outside the rain is burning holes, but inside I’m with you eating doughnuts and watching each others eyes. My friends never knew of me as I kept us in a bottle. The transparent glass let me be aware of the world yet it could not kill us as we clung to the sides. I have a lot of questions that I needn’t ask as you answer in a way only I would know.

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I walked through the churchyard, a bright rug forthcoming my steps. The stars once again fell unto the earth wrapped in a fading light and cotton. The daisies all stand as they hear of your return and look down beneath the green field. The grey faces return as one falls down onto her. So much prettier than me. Now that winter is coming all the flowers should disappear. My mind poisoned with hatred.

As I entomb the memories.

“She’s got worn rubber shoes and a brown, withered stem. Dress worn away at the seams as dull as the earth. The bright light now disappeared as its covered with mud and sun-dried eyes......... Do you know I’m a freak, I eat doughnuts all week!”

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE The Earth and Beyond section.

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