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Creative WritingInto the war With high-speed bullets flying overhead, we are running through the brown oozing restricted

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Creative Writing Into the war With high-speed bullets flying overhead, we are running through the brown oozing restricted communication trench; the sodden mud squelches under our feet, the mud absorbs through our leather boots. We continue on. The frontline is in our view. "Man down, man down" cries Felix. His face camouflaged black and olive brown from gun residue and greasy mud. His lips are blue as the sky was once; meanwhile Alfred crashes down into the moss philanthropic mud. He must have slipped, Felix clambers down to Alfred consequently I call back "Is he alright?" "I believe so," Felix shouts back, Alfred clambers up; his face is blacker from the residue and greasy mud however he has lost and eye and is left with a piercing slash across his right eye, a piece of shrapnel had launched into his eye from a missile smashing into the ground earlier today. We continue on to the front line ready, ready to go over the top. Suddenly tranquillity overcomes us. A missile caterwauls overhead; the missile collides into the ground before our eyes blasting us back to the mud. Faeces shower us, for the bucket had been emptied to where the missile hit. We clamber up. Ready to go over the top. To no-mans land. We start to ascend the blood-splattered ladder to get to the top of the trench. ...read more.


I open my eyes everything is blurry. I lay still trying to focus on where I am. My vision is starting to come into focus. I try to sit up. I can see that ropes tie me down. I can turn my head; I turn towards who I believe is Felix, he still out cold but his face is cleaner then before. I shiver, a gust of cold air hits me, I look up, and a figure now wanders towards me like he is lost in deep thought. Looks as if he is walking on his side. A bright light shines to my face, blinding me. I can hear a voice but I can't make it out, it sounds German. This light gets closer and brighter, he says something I cannot answer because my lips are as frozen as the north and south poles, he repeats what he said before but I still cant make it out. He leans over me, Blood pulses through me again. I could be killed. We seem to be in a frosty tent. It seems yet another figure wanders into the tent. This other man starts to speak to the first German. I understand none of it my heart continuing to pound like a drum, sweat drips down my face. The first German points a finger at me indicating whom to go to first. My heart beats harder, faster. He speaks. ...read more.


"No Felix!" A bullet pieces the flesh of his arm, another his chest, then another to his head his body jolts with each shot fired. Felix falls. Dead, I feel the weight of death land onto my shoulders like being crushed by a train. It's my fault, my entire fault. I've lost best friends, my family, and my respect from my country. I shudder I can only believe this is the truth. Nothing left for it, if I go out from where I am, I am dead, and if I stay I will die of hunger or of hypothermia. I don't want a slow death out here. I shall grab my knife and do the only thing right. Suicide is the best option, I place the knife into position in my mouth. Thinking of my life, my childhood, my children and wife and friends all this for nothing I tried to protect my country I have failed my country and myself. Nothing left to fight for; I wouldn't get far through the German trenches. I hold the knife with two hands, with all my remaining might I force the knife through my mouth and skull. The tent begins to spin; my vision once again becomes blurry. It is over. Maybe what I have done is right, maybe it isn't. But it is to late now. My worse fear was struck hard, Death. I hope that I am remembered not forgotten. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ryan Cheale 10SS Page 1 09/05/2007 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Humans as Organisms section.

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