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Dear Diary

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3^ND October 1895 Dear Diary, My darling fianc´┐Ż Randall has left me for a brief absence only to return at the close of the month. The parting was bitter with long lingering kisses that I can still feel upon my lips every time I think of him. My heart is in profound sorrow with only a short time past. I don't know how I will survive? I can only dream that I am once again in his strongly built arms and to have him holding me so firmly almost leaving me breathless like he used to!! Dorothea 6^th October 1895 Dear Diary, I am now on my way south leaving my behind much-loved Dorothea behind. This voyage is tedious as I hunger to clasp my dearest one to this broken heart. At our departure we held each other securely neither one of us wanting to cut loose from one another's company. Every touch was soft, each expressing our love for each other thus sending cold shivers down my spine. ...read more.


Yet my physician has promised to have me on my feet in a fortnight, I know Dorothea would have hastened to my bedside if her parents permitted. I crave for her to be my side and for her lips and natural scent to guide me through this appalling sickness and pain. I have not written to Dorothea as my energy has been sapped from this experience. If only she was here I know I would be happy even in such dreadful pain. Randall 7^th December 1895 Dear Diary, A second month has gone by and Randall has not been writing to me in daily episode s like he used to. He seems to have good and bad days. I have read his emotional letters and it brings great grief as he is preparing me for the worst that his appearance would be altered greatly and she'd hardly know him. When I seen him I didn't know what to assume as there was a vast contrast in his appearance. ...read more.


Randall went out and I watched him enter the carriage I saw him fall helpless and exhausted, as he had sunk on the sofa earlier. No one was present in the house and many emotion s ran through my head about should I squander the rest of my live with Randall or enjoy the rest of my life on my own. Then I walked out with my heart racing and body sweating but I felt liberated and patriotic. Where I am going? I do not know and don't care!! Dorothea 12^th December 1895 Dear Diary, My darling Dorothea has abandoned me on my deathbed. I offered her everything I had and she deserted me. My heart is once again broken and who could blame her as who would want such a hideous creature? I haven't much to live for and maybe id be better of dead!! But now I can only dream about my lovely Dorothea. I can still taste her lips, smell of her perfume and I will never forget the thing I loved must bout her and that's her beautiful eyes Randall ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Humans as Organisms section.

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