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Describe a time when you felt disappointed or let down

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Luke Anson 11E Describe a time when you felt disappointed or let down I was 10 years old and running crazy through the hot and hard concrete of my junior school playground. It was the last day of summer, literally, the weatherman had predicted a severe change from sunny to pouring in a matter of hours, and then the sun wouldn't return. We enjoyed it while we could, it was HOT! It never seemed to cool in the summer, the ground was always baking, and the shade seemed like heaven. It wasn't always boiling, but you begin to think it is if your daily routine consists of running at marathon speeds to avoid capture from whatever schoolyard "IT" game we played. I was in a particularily devilish mood that day, maybe it's the heat that draws out Satan in us kids. Hose fights, water balloon fights, full scale water bombardments, whichever cooled fastest would do. I had thought of an earlier plan to take a trip with my mates down to the local field/quarry and have a water fight, simple as. ...read more.


They were all there, Danny, Mark, Stuart, Rob, Adam, Dean, Chris, and for some reason, Chris' little brother Julian. We settled down and quickly began making water balloons before the sun and heat died down. The most traumatic ritual was soon to follow; the picking of the sides. "Alright" I said firmly. "Me and Rob are Captains, seen as were better than every1 else, hahahaha...ha..ha..." They stared in pure disbelief before bursting into hysterics. "OK OK OK! Dean and Rob you can be Captains." "I Don't want to be Captain" Dean objected. "I'm always captain" "Eh? What are you on about?" Rob said confusingly. "What's wrong with being captain, it's an honour you stupid nonce!" "Don't call me a nonce, you divvy pansy" Dean retaliated. "Just because you love ordering around everyone doesn't mean I do" "I don't order people around, take it back, now!" Rob...ordered. "Err, Rob, shut up for a second" I interrupted. "Dean, doesn't want to be Captain, we can't force him. It will have to be Stuart and Rob" "Shut up I'm not going against Stuart, I know you Stuart, you'll pi** in the water balloons like last month" Rob loudly announced. ...read more.


"Come on Ad its not even a big wood" We all moaned drearily. "No, how can I take charge of a team if I don't know where I am!!" "Oh for..AARRGH!!" My patience was wearing thin with my now group of complaining OAP bingo ladies. "Look, lads, we've been arguing for about half an hour on the captains, the water balloons are warm, the spare water, is also warm, now, I ask again, who are going to be the Captains!? Dean can't, because he's too used to it, Rob can face Stuart because he pi**** in the water balloons, Chris won't do it because he wants to drown his brother, and Stuart won't have Julian because he'll lose. We have to sort this out now, why not me and Chris?" There was no disagreement. Nobody objected, nobody laughed, nobody cried or whined, finally a decision!! "Yeah that's fine" they all murmured. "Yes finally! About bloody time, you think we can get a game started now?" I cried. We began to move to the foot of the starting hill. I noticed Julian standing with his hand out. "You guys, you feel that?" "Oh Christ...." ...read more.

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