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Determination of Magnesium Using an EDTA Titration

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Determination of Magnesium Using an EDTA Titration Investigators September 8, 2009 1. Objectives: * To calculate the mass of Magnesium in the three best results of the experiment. * To calculate the result as % MgO with 95% confidence interval. 2. Experimental Methods: 2.1 General Procedure: The procedure was followed by the lab manual, Principles of Chemistry, CHEM 1211L & CHEM 1212L Laboratory Experiments, A Project Oriented Approach, 4th Edition, 2009-Fall, p.117-121. ...read more.


Data Table: Concentration of EDTA (Instructor Provided) 0.04 M Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3 Mass of Magnesium Salt used .1514g .1516g .1513g Final Volume of EDTA 19.45mL 18.95mL 37.9mL Initial Volume of EDTA 0mL 0mL 18.95mL Volume of EDTA used 19.45mL 18.95mL 18.95mL 3.2 Calculations: Trial 1: Vol. EDTA=19.45mL (0.4mmol/mL) * 19.45 = .778mmol 7.78 * (10-4)mol * 24.31 g/mol = .001891g (.001891g/.1514) * 100 = 1.249% Trial 2: (0.4mmol/mL) ...read more.


* Inaccurate reading of EDTA in the buret could alter the results of the experiment. 5. Conclusion: During this experiment, investigators were able to titrate each trial and become within 2.5+/- % of each other. The titration was determined by equilibrium when the solution turned from a light pink to blue. At this point the titration was complete, and the result was a faint blue. The experiment was determined to be successful due to the % range of each trial. All data prepared was in agreement with one another, and the mass of magnesium was able to be determined. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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