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Determination of the Formula of a Compound

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Determination of the Formula of a Compound Results Mass of crucible and lid 23.0899g Mass of crucible, lid and Mg 23.1535g Mass of crucible, lid and product 23.1894g Mass of Mg used = 0.0636g (Mass of crucible, lid and Mg 23.1535 - Mass of crucible and lid 23.0899) ...read more.


Mg mass used 0.0636 Ratio Mean Mass of O used 0.0359 Atomic Mass 24 Atomic Mass 16 =0.00265 =0.00224375 Divide the smallest by the largest (0.00265/0.00224375) gives the ratio number of mole. Mg: 1.18105 O: 0.08466 Conclusion Oxygen is a very good oxidizing agent. ...read more.


These results have not shown a yield exact (simple) ratio. So these calculations show my results not to be entirely accurate. There may be several causes for this. The most obvious cause may have been due to experimenters error. The crucible lid may have been lifted to often allowing too much oxygen to react with the magnesium. The atoms are rearranged - diatomic oxygen molecules are split apart so that one oxygen atom combines with one magnesium atom. ...read more.

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