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Determine whether the height from which I drop a paper cake case affects how long it takes the paper cake case to fall to the ground.

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The Paper Cake Case Investigation Aim To determine whether the height from which I drop a paper cake case affects how long it takes the paper cake case to fall to the ground. Prediction By doubling the height from which I drop the paper cake case it will double the time it takes the paper cake case to fall to the ground. The science behind the prediction If I drop the paper cake case from 80cm it will take a certain amount of time to fall to the ground, the time it takes is affected by the size, weight and air resistance of the paper cake case. I predict that if I then drop the same paper cake case from 160cm the time it would take to fall to the ground over 80cm will be doubled. I predict this because neither the size, the weight or the air resistance of the paper cake case has changed only the height from which I dropped it. If it took the paper cake case 1 second to fall 80cm it would be falling at a speed of: 80/1 = 80cm per second. If my prediction is right this means that a paper cake case falling from 160cm will also fall at a speed of 80cm per second consequently meaning that it would take it 2 seconds to reach the ground. ...read more.


A Timer: To record the time it takes the paper cake case to fall. I will hold it in my hand and start and stop it myself. A Paper Cake Case: I will hold in my other hand and release at the same time as I start the timer. Extent and range of measurements I have chosen to range my results from 60cm to 200cm as this will give a wide range of results. It gives enough results to prove my prediction right or wrong. Precise and reliable evidence My evidence needs to be precise otherwise the investigation results and analysis will be false. If I write up an analysis about a set of results that aren't reliable the investigation will be useless. I have planned my experiment as carefully as I can and I believe that as long as I carry out my plans my results will justify this. The main problem I will face is the time will never be precise as the timer I am using only goes to two decimal places therefore making my results only approximate. Preliminary work For my preliminary work I decided to do an experiment to test my prediction. The results the experiment gave me are as follows. ...read more.


Suitability of the procedure My procedure was not very suitable as I couldn't get an exact result thus I can't draw any meaningful conclusions from them. The only way to improve the procedure would to do it digitally perhaps by using computers and sensors. The only other sensible way to do it manually would be by taking more results before taking an average, perhaps 30 readings. Reliability of results If I carried out the same experiment in the same way I would expect to get similar results but if I carried out the same experiment in a different way I would hope to get more precise results. I am however confident with the reasoning behind the results and know why my prediction was wrong. Extension of enquiry One way the same experiment could be carried out to get more accurate results is by using photography. A grid should be set up with in front of the digital camcorder to make it easier when analysing the frames of the images which the camcorder will take and transfer to the computer. Once the images are on the computer they can be analysed frame by frame and using the grid lines the time at which it takes the paper cake case to fall can be worked out efficiently and accurately. Elizabeth Pope 10T Mr.Scanlan ...read more.

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