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Discuss the reasons for the global distribution of heart disease?

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Discuss the reasons for the global distribution of heart disease? The heart is a muscular pump which contracts regularly to keep blood flowing through the body's extensive network of arteries, capillaries and veins. If fro any reason the efficiency of the heart or blood vessels is impaired, the whole body suffers from lack of nutrients and oxygen, and from the build up of waste products. The heart itself receives a constant supply of nutrients and oxygen through two particular arteries, the coronary arteries. These coronary arteries or their branches may become narrow or blocked, so that not enough blood reaches the heart for it to pump efficiently Coronary heart disease can be regarded as a result of two processes, atherosclerosis and thrombosis. Atherosclerosis is the accumulation of material known as atheroma in the inner lining of the arteries. The first material to build up is of a fatty nature, but as it combines with fibrous material and calcium it begins to build a blockage, although this process can happen in any artery it has serious consequences when it affects the coronary arteries. It is unknown how this happens but it is believed that a minute injury on the inside of the artery allows fatty material to pass through -mainly cholesterol- and form into plaque. ...read more.


The heart may stop beating and unless restarted or begins to beat very soon, the result is death. Heart attacks are not necessarily fatal; many people who suffer an attack recover, and by following medical advice continue to lead a normal life. Sometimes people die suddenly and unexpectedly without evidence of myocardial infraction. Sudden death may be due to spasm of a coronary artery damaged by atheroma, or a condition in which the heart twitches chaotically instead of contracting regularly. In many of these cases, the deceased has usually suffered from angina or myocardial infraction and so the cause of death is usually assumed to be C.H.D. C.H.D is a degenerative disease of the cardiovascular system which before the twentieth century was virtually unheard of due to early deaths of more infectious diseases in other words CHD didn't kill you because something else did first. There is not just one cause of CHD, it is a multifunctional disease caused by smoking, age, sex or lifestyle amongst a long list of other things. Although death from C.H.D has fallen in all age and sex groups since the 1970's, C.H.D remains a major cause of premature death around the world. In 1993 it was estimated that over ten million died globally as a result of CHD that's 19% of the world population, however 20% of this was cause by physical inactivity basically the sufferers own doing. ...read more.


Excess drinking tends to build up cholesterol in the heart muscles causing strain on the heart, cigarette and tobacco smoking is one of the top causes as a smoker is twice more likely to have a heart attack and also increases the risk of other C.H.D risk factors. High blood pressure enlarges and weakens the heart which forces the heart to work harder this combined with other factors such as smoking, obesity and diabetes increases the risk several times. Lack of exercise can cause obesity, exercise helps strengthen the internal body and immune system this helps control high blood pressure and diabetes as well as obesity, people who are obese tend to be physically inactive and increase their hearts workload. Diabetes is common factors with C.H.D as over half of C.H.D suffers tend to have a type of diabetes, low level of High-Density Lipoprotein increases the risk of angina however this can be reduced by regular exercise. C.H.D is most common in people over forty but some people under forty do suffer from C.H.D due to early unhealthy living. Believe it or not your gender can play a role in whether or not you suffer from C.H.D, more male adults tend to have C.H.D compared to adult females, however woman are at high risk during menopause and when using oral contraceptives. C.H.D is also hereditary in some cases if their parents suffer from it they will most likely too. ...read more.

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