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Diseases of Human Nervous System

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The Human Genome Project The Human Genome Project was started in 1990 by Dr James Watson. When it was first set up, it had many goals. Most of the research that helped the HGP reach their goal was done in the UK and the US. Here is a list of the goals it hoped to accomplish by 2005: * To work out the order or sequence of all the three billion base pairs in the human genome. * To identify all the genes; and * To develop faster methods for sequencing DNA. Each person's DNA is unique so they took as many different samples of DNA to get an "average sequence". They took people from many different background and races to make sure that it was an accurate find. Shotgun Sequencing Advances in technology meant that they finished it earlier than expected. ...read more.


or the X or Y sex chromosomes in the nucleus of the cell or to the mitochondria Treating Anemia Depending on how sever the anemia, depends on which treatment will most benefit them. For people with an Iron deficiency, the best option would be to change diet (to more iron) and give an iron supplementation in the form of ferrous gluconate or ferrous sulfate. Vitamin C may also be given to help the body absorb Iron. For some people who have a more sever case (chronic disease or renal disease) a supplement which stimulates red cell production. The most sever case (which is often diagnosed with heavy bleeding) may be treated with a blood transfusion. Insulin Production on a Large Scale Insulin production which is done in a bioreactor is created by extracting the DNA for the creation of Insulin. ...read more.


Injections have been made so that they are easily disposed of and already sterile. Injections may cause a lot of bruising and pain so scientists are looking at different ways to get insulin into the body. There is also talk of replacing the cells inside the pancreas through surgery however people think by doing that it will promote stem cell research (using cells of embryos) and many people disagree with this. Human Growth Hormone HGH is protein that is given to people which stimulates the growth of cells in humans and animals. The growth hormone's secretion can be affected by diet, exercise and sleep (among many other things). Human growth hormone can: * Increase Height * Strengthens calcium retention and mineralization of bones which can help athletes get stronger. * Stimulates the immune system * Help people with multiple sclerosis HGH is given to people with growth difficulties, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowl syndrome and turner disease. It is very expensive. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mustafa Latif-Aramesh ...read more.

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