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Distant Memories

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Distant Memories My mother's worst nightmare must be bath times. There's Mags, Lenny and Me and we all hate the water. We find that water is like a blanket, that covers you with itself, but it gives little safety from monsters and ghouls. In fact I am much more scared of the water than the monsters and ghouls. At least I can hide in our mother's bed from those things, but the water, still is able to get me. So two years ago, when she told us we were going swimming, I cried. I was never one of those whiney kids, but for this one time in my life, I was. I can remember it clearly. Mags, Lenny and me all cried. I'm eight now and still I continue, along with Mags and Lenny of course, to hate the slightest touch or sight of water. I hate it that much I even hate the smell! ...read more.


I felt as if I was taking a slow, painful walk to death. I was terrified. We approached a large iron gate, complete with padlock. I thought that they were opening the prison just for me, as there was nobody else around. Maybe I was the last to go or maybe no one else's mother made their children attend such an evil place. Suddenly, a strange, almost bouncy woman appeared. She opened the gate and I knew that that was it! She greeted mother and I very warmly and directed us to a door with me on it, well it may have been Lenny. We entered and I avoided the lakes of smelly water, which covered the floor. I think that people must have art lessons there, as there had been glitter spilt all over the floor! I then saw where we were heading. Mother led me into one of the many cells and locked the door shut! ...read more.


She repeated the procedure with my other arm. My arm felt like a poor defenceless sausage inside a sausage roll! Then the lady picked me up and dropped me into the warm water. It filled my nose and it filled my ears. My eyes stung and I couldn't keep the water from coming into my mouth. I tried to keep out of it all together, but it kept sucking me under, like a giant hover. I cried out, but nobody heard. I could hear the lady "Kick, Kick!" she shouted. I didn't want to kick. I wanted to get out! I thought that this was finally it, my last day ever! Then I saw a familiar face. Mother. She picked me up and wrapped me in the towel. I was safe and it was over! My mother hugged me I felt that instead of just my arms, my whole body was the sausage, and that my mother was the rich pastry to enclose me. But no one would have been able to eat us, she would have seen to that! Kerrie Bester 11H ...read more.

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