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Does changing the concentration of hydrogen peroxide effect the rate at which catalase breaks it down?

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GCSE Biology Aim Does changing the concentration of hydrogen peroxide effect the rate at which catalase breaks it down? Prediction I predict the stronger the concentration of hydrogen peroxide the quicker catalase will break it down because if there are a lot of He2O in one area the catalase does not have to move very far between each particle to the next. But this only true to a certain extent because catalase can only break down so many hydrogen peroxide molecules in a certain amount of time, so no matter how concentrated it is it cannot be broken down any quicker. Diagram Equipment * Hydrogen peroxide 20vol * A large basin to hold the water and equipment * Clamp stands and bosses * Test tube * Measuring cylinder * Rubber tubing and bung * A potato (this contains catalase to do the experiment) ...read more.


6. Record the results onto a table then change the concentration of the solution make sure to use regular intervals in the concentration e.g. 20vol, 18vol, 16vol etc... 7. Repeat the experiment another three times and find the averages. Safety and fair test points * Wear goggles through out the experiment. * If hydrogen peroxide contacts your skin wash off immediately. * Equipment must not be moved if possible. * The water should be left for 10minutes before the experiment so it is warmed to room temperature. This will prevent temperature affecting the experiment as it will be at a constant temperature. * Measure the hydrogen peroxide as accurately as possible and check that all concentrations changes are accurately measured by using measuring cylinders. Results Test 1 Concentration (volume of He2O) Amount of Oxygen given off in 1 minute in ml's 20 4.1 18 4 16 3.5 14 3 12 2 10 1 Test 2 Concentration (volume of He2O) ...read more.


This made the averages not as accurate. But in the second set of recordings there were no odd results. The graph lines start to even off because the reaction slows down. This is because the number of molecules has decreased so the chance of an enzyme and a molecule colliding is smaller. The result 20 vol was too low because after this concentration level I think that the H2O2 stopped reacting with the potato. Although I used a clamping device- to prevent my hand temperature affect the rate- my results may have been affected by the temperature of the room and water, which may differ in a different temperature. If I were to check any of my results then I would check them all, because set one and set two did not match up in the amount of oxygen let given off. I would definitely check the results for the concentration of 16, 18, and 20. Adam laughton 10 hr ...read more.

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