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Drug Abuse - A Danger to Mankind.

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Drug Abuse - A Danger to Mankind by Yin Teng Much has been said and done about drug abuse in the past century or so. Yet, till now, this matter still persists, if not, escalating out of hand. The first step to refrain from drug abuse is by learning more about its dangers and consequences. One of the greatest adverse effects is the high blood pressure which comes with drug abuse. An overdose of drug consumption causes one's blood pressure to rise to a dangerous level as the blood becomes too concentrated with chemicals from the drugs. Besides, bleeding of the nose occurs as the flow of blood in the body has been disrupted by high dosage of drugs. ...read more.


Furthermore, drug abusers usually suffer from emotional breakdowns, chiefly because of their extremely strong urge for drug consumption. This further leads to many complications in the victim's life, as well as to his loved ones, not to mention a danger to the society as drug addicts often steal and rob to get money for their fixes. Besides that, other dangers of drug abuse comprises of evere depression, convulsions, heart attack, lung damage, hallucinations, coma, brain damage Next, we should also be aware of the possible consequences brought about by drug abuse. Drug abusers, especially youths, will endure academic failure as it is virtually impossible to focus and excel in their studies with a drug addiction at hand. ...read more.


To make matters worse, the society labels them as vagabonds and lowlives. The culmination of the consequences of drug abuse is of course, death, from drug overdose and its other fatal effects. All these gradually lead to a person's downfall, and more often than not, drug abusers are very hard to cure as it takes a lot of willpower and courage to wean off their addiction. Hence, now that we're more aware of the dangers of drug abuse, we should all the more abstain from engaging in it. If man can fork out millions to make war, wouldn't it be wiser to spend it on eradicating this issue before it wipes out the world's population? Or should everyone just merely lament the situation whilst this bane slowly but surely, eat further into the heart of the society? ...read more.

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