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Drug Abuse. Drugs are substances that affect the body and mind.They are used for pleasure and, some of those used for pleasure are socially acceptable and legal.

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3. Drug abuse a. Drugs i. What are drugs? Drugs are substances that affect the body and mind. Both illegal and legal drugs are often from plants. * They are used for pleasure and, some of those used for pleasure are socially acceptable and legal. Coffee, tea, cigarettes and alcohol are all legal drugs, and are mostly socially acceptable. Cocaine, ecstasy, and heroine are illegal. * Whether or not a drug is legal depends on the country etc. * In the UK, alcohol is legal to those over 18, but in many Arab states, it is illegal. ii. What do drugs do? ...read more.


* These include aches, pains, sweating, shaking, headaches and cravings. iv. Problems of drug abuse: Drugs are taken for a reason: they make you feel different, often in a good way. * People often resort to drugs if they have problems, because it covers them up. * But these drugs often turn into their own problems. No drugs are 'risk free', even cannabis, thought of as a 'soft' drug can cause psychological issues. * 'Hard' drugs like heroin and cocaine are extremely addictive. Because these drugs are illegal, they are expensive, and people often resort to crime for money to pay for them. ...read more.


Legal drugs tend to have a larger impact on your health than many illegal drugs would. One of the reasons why is because a larger percentage take legal drugs. Legal recreational drugs Illegal recreational drugs Ethanol (alcohol) Cannabis Nicotine (cigarettes) Cocaine Caffeine (coffee, tea, coca-cola) Heroin Ecstasy LSD iii. Drugs in sport: Major problems occur when it comes to competitive sport and drugs. * The goal of many sporting events is to find the best natural athlete. There are many drugs which can give people an unfair advantage, Some build up body mass, others make you more alert, and others make you produce more blood. Drug tests and random tests are used to find the cheats. * Athletes are banned from competing if found to be using illegal drugs. ...read more.

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