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Drugs - neagative effects of common illegal drugs.

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DRUGS By ROHIT PATEL Cannabis Effects Studies have linked heavy Cannabis / Marijuana use to anxiety and mental health disorders such as paranoia, depression, insomnia, schizophrenia and even a motivational syndrome which relates to a lack of ambition or drive. Ecstasy Effects Ecstasy effects can create pain in the mind and body of the very user who seeks pleasure from ecstasy effects. Pleasurable ecstasy effects that are sought include a relaxed upbeat mood and feelings, reduced anxiety, increased sensitivity to others and a high energy level that can be sustained for many hours. Effects also range from: Sleeping problems; Anxiety; Teeth cleaning; Addiction; Paranoia; Nausea; Chills and sweating; Blurred vision; Rash; Brain damage; Depression; Liver damage; Aggression Addiction Ecstasy is not addictive in the way that drugs like cocaine, nicotine and heroin are. ...read more.


The effects range from white knuckle, depending on dosage and purity of the drug. The effects of snorted cocaine can be felt within 10-15 seconds, peaking after five minutes, and fully wearing off after 20-30 minutes. Mentally, you feel alert, energized, buzzing. You feel a sudden burst of euphoria and self-confidence which makes you more sociable and talkative. Physically, you feel 'wired' - clenched jaw, wide-eyed, dilated pupils. Your heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature all tend to rise. If you're in poor shape, be careful. You may also feel strong and sexually aroused. Addiction Cocaine is a highly addictive drug. It works in the same way as heroin and nicotine by tapping into the brain's pathways. ...read more.


Lysergic Acid Diethylamide Effects The LSD effect is described as a 'trip' because it is a long and powerful experience which takes you beyond normal observation and then back again. Simply put, it greatly alters and expands consciousness by loosening or - at higher doses- completely erasing the normal filters and screens between your conscious mind and the outside world. With these filters down, more information rushes in. You sense more, think more, feel more. You became aware of things normally filtered out by your mind, visual, auditory, sensory, emotional. The difficult details on surfaces, the richness of sound, the brightness of colours, and the complexity of your own mental processes. At higher doses, the rush of information becomes a flood and your senses actually begin to merge and overlap until you can see sounds or smell colours. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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