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Electromagnetic Spectrum.

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Project on Electromagnetic Spectrum

The electromagnetic spectrum is made up of electromagnetic waves such as light, radio waves and infrared. Although they travel at the same speed the frequency and wavelengths of each group is different. Although they travel at the same speed, the frequency and wavelengths of each group is different.

The electromagnetic waves are usually split into seven basic types:

Radio Waves – 1m-104m.

Micro Waves – 10 m (3cm)

Infra Red - 10  m (0.01m)

Visible Light - 10  m

Ultra Violet – 10  m

X-Rays – 10  m

Gamma Rays – 10  m

Region in the Electromagnetic Spectrum:-


Uses in Domestic Situation:-

Microwaves are uses in cooking of food; water molecules absorb the microwaves after they are passed easily into the food.

Dangers in domestic situations:-

Microwaves can also be absorbed by living tissue, therefore, making them dangerous.

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Dangers in domestic situations:-

Over-exposure to infrared causes damage to cells, like Microwaves. It’s this over-exposure that causes sunburn.

Region of Electromagnetic Spectrum:-


Uses in Domestic Situations:-

Ultraviolet light is what gives us our tan from the sun, or from sun beds. They’re also used in fluorescent tubes.

Dangers in Domestic Situations:-

Ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancer, if you spend too much time in the sun. Sun beds give out less harmful rays than those from the sun.

X-Rays in Medicine:-

 X-rays can pass through most solids with very little of their energy being absorbed because they have very short wavelengths. Photographic film is used to take X-ray pictures of the body – the developed film appears dark where the x-rays touched it, meaning they don’t pass through bone or metal.

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Some microwaves are used for satellite communications because they have short wavelengths (similar to radio waves) and they can pass easily through the atmosphere. Because they travel in a straight line, they can easily be focused on the satellite by a concave dish transmitter. The microwaves are then re-routed by the satellite to a satellite dish, which by focusing them onto a transducer changes the waves to an electrical signal.


Infrared is used for night-vision equipment. This works by detecting heat radiation giving off by all objects, even during the night. It then turns it into an electrical signal, which is displayed on a screen as a clear picture. The brightness of which the object appears is proportional to the hotness of the object.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Radioactivity section.

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