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Electronics Project Report

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Electronics Project Report


        These are the tasks and dates of my project;

  • Introduction to project (1) 18th December
  • Introduction to project (2) and issue of planning form 8th January.
  • Plan project between 10th January & 7th February.
  • Hand in planning form and order components 7th February.
  • Practical work 18th February to 21st March
  • Project photographed 21st March
  • Report by 9th April


  •  Design and research layout: 1 hour lesson.
  •  Assembling & testing first sub-system: 2 hour lesson.
  •  Assembling & testing subsequent sub-systems: 2 hours per sub-system.


  •  Completion and evaluation of complete circuit: 19th March
  •  Completed report: 8th April



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        Complete description;
  • The first part of the circuit, before the sub-system, is a simple switching device using a transistor.
  • The sub-system compares the voltage from the next part of the circuit, to the first part of the circuit.
  • The last part of the circuit monitors the output from the LDR.
  • And the final part is the LDR and potentiometer (Light Dependent Resistor) whose resistance increase with light.

Testing the circuit;

                I tested the resistance that I would receive from the LDR when it was totally dark (810Ω), and when it was light (50kΩ).

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Light Intensity

Resistance 1 (Ω)

Resistance 2 (Ω)

Average Resistance (Ω)














        Attached, as appendix 1, is the graph of the discharge of a capacitor.


        My final circuit meets the specification because the LED stays on for 13 seconds when the LDR detects some one is at the door.

        It is reliable.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Electricity and Magnetism section.

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