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Energy Essay

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Energy Essay

Throughout the whole history of mankind, one thing is apparent and that is: just as we need food and water, we also need energy.  When I say energy, I don’t mean energy that is in our bodies.  I mean energy that keeps us going for machines.  It also seems that the more advanced our society becomes, the more dependant we become on energy.  This can be seen throughout the history of man, because in the beginning hardly any energy was needed except for heat which was to warm the cavemen up.  But over the centuries this energy dependence changed so much that by the age we are living in if we try to stop using any energy at all, we will probably become extinct and die.  And maybe that is the only weakness of mankind, which is energy. (But to get back to this essay!)

What I would like to do in this essay is to first say what electrical power is, and then to say what a non-renewable and renewable sources is and give some examples of them and explain them a bit.  And finally I would like to finish this off, by giving or conclusion about the best type of energy to use in our homes.

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Produces a lot of energy

Expensive to build

Does not pollute the environment

Expensive to maintain

  1. Fossil Fuels:

Fossil fuels are a type of power that has also caused a lot of controversy, because of the negative effects they have on the environment (e.g. global warming and green-house effect).  Fossil fuel actually comes from the remains of Dead Sea animals that died millions of years ago.  And actually what happened to them, is that their bones were crushed with each other and pressured by several of the earth piling on top of them until they finally formed fossil fuel but also the heat of the earths core, played a vital factor. The basic energy transformation that takes place in fossil fuel is that the potential energy stored, breaks down through to give heat energy, and that heat energy is transferred to kinetic energy, which drives a steam turbine that will generate electricity. The two very known fossil fuels are coal and oil.

However out of this energy transformation process, only 40-45% of the potential energy stored is actually transferred to electricity. And if sum up the advantages and disadvantages, we see the following:    



Cheap to produce

Not good for environment

Is not hazardous to people’s health

We are running out of them

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Expensive to maintain


Rotor blades are extremely fragile

After summarising, both renewable and non-renewable sources, it is time for me to chose the best type of energy resources to use for our homes. The energy resources I suggest are more than 1. First of all the energy resources should be renewable, so that we don’t have to worry about the environment and peoples health (unlike fossil fuels and nuclear power). The second thing is that this renewable source, should not affect our environment or ecology (which means hydropower is dropped out!). Also the energy resource should be efficient, so that we can meet our basic demands for energy, (which means that wind energy also drops out!). After mentioning these three requirements (which seem essential in my own personal view), it is quiet obvious that the only energy source that I am talking about is Solar!. But however to improve this even more, would be if we insulate our homes well and do not waste our energy for no apparent reason(e.g. like leaving the lights of a room turned on, when no one is in the room. And also buying energy saving equipment).  Because like I said at the beginning of this essay, without light we will become extinct. And we all know that we don’t want to become extinct, so lets do something about it and try and save our planet.  

[1] U= Uranium


  X+Y= Elements

  Z= Number of

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Electricity and Magnetism section.

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