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Energy Resources

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By Rohan Shah

Energy Resources

Good Afternoon. Today I am going to talk to you about renewable energy and how practical it is to use. As you may know the main fuels we use today are Gas, Coal and Oil which are fossil fuels. They are predicted to run out very soon, however new research shows there may be enough oil to last another 140 years. What will we do when they run out? When burnt, fossil fuels release pollutants which harm the atmosphere and are linked to causing climate change. So even if there is more oil should we really use it? What do you think?

There are plans to build a 1km Solar Tower but it would only produce as much power as a small nuclear power plant.

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However, if fusion reactions were to become a reality in the future just one reactor would generate enough electricity for large cities. On the other hand if the reaction went wrong it could cause as much damage as an Atom bomb. Could and would we be prepared to take this risk?

Instead, we can turn to renewable energy which is derived from resources that are regenerative. They do not produce pollutants. An example of renewable energy is solar power but there are also many others as shown in this Pie Chart. However renewable energy also has problems. It involves natural phenomena and is therefore reliant on the surrounding climate. For this reason it is not always practical to generate renewable energy on a large scale.

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Nuclear fusion is the same reaction which takes place in the sun where two Hydrogen nuclei are fused together under extreme temperatures of 100,000,000oC to make one heavier Helium atom. Energy is given off which we could exploit and use as the only product is Helium. Presently we can only sustain the reaction for about 25 seconds.

At present I don’t think our forms of renewable energy are very practical on a large scale. However, new technologies are constantly being developed and researched into which will make renewable energy more efficient. One thing for sure is that renewable energy in its various different forms is here to stay. I think that mankind should carry on developing renewable energy sites until another more efficient form becomes a reality. What do you think?

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE The Earth and Beyond section.

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